Racing Radios 4-C IMSA Helmet Kit (Coil) - EZ Install 1 "a"


Racing Radios 4-C IMSA Helmet Kit (Coil) - EZ Install


Racing Radios 4/C IMSA Style Helmet Kit (Coil) - EZ Install

4 Conductor IMSA Coil Cord Helmet Kit By Racing Radios is used mostly in sports car racing - IMSA, Grand-Am, SCCA, etc. The coiled cable allows the driver to have some movement with the helmet, adding to the durability of the overall kit. Comes with 3.5mm earpiece connection and top of the line noise canceling microphone.

Racing Radios 4/C IMSA Helmet Kit (Coil) - EZ Install Details:

  • Manufacturer: Racing Radios
  • Manufacturer part number: HKP-4C-EZ
  • Coil cord: IMSA
  • Microphone: Mini noise cancelling
  • Instillation kit included: Yes
  • Instructions included: Yes
  • Velcro tab included: Yes

The Racing Radios 4/C IMSA EZ Install kit with coil cord is the new gold standard for in-helmet wiring kits. No drilling into the helmet shell, or janky wire connections- the earpiece jack and IMSA connector cord are already connected, and the velcro tab gives you the ability to position the earpiece wherever you like, while providing some extra flexibility in movement without damaging your earbuds. The only piece that needs to be connected is the microphone into the earpiece and IMSA cords.


*Comes with installation instructions and mounting hardware*


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