Schroth Porsche GT3-GT4 4 Point Harness (Anti-Sub) 1 "a"




Schroth Porsche GT3-GT4 4 Point Harness (Anti-Sub)




Schroth Porsche GT3/GT4 Four-Point Harness (Anti-Sub)



  • Porsche 996/997/991/992 GT2RS / GT3 /GT3RS
  • Porsche 981/718 GT4
  • Porsche 918


The Schroth Porsche GT3/GT4 four-point harness is designed specifically for the factory Porsche one-piece carbon seats. This harness comes with specific lap-belt brackets that don't require any drilling for installation, as they attach to the factory-engineered lap-belt mounting locations. A harness bar or roll bar are required for installation of the shoulder belts.

Schroth's exclusive ASM (anti-submarine) technology on this four-point harness holds the driver pelvis snug in case of a crash, preventing submarining below the lap belt and sliding out of the seat. With this harness, there no need to install a sub-strap mounting bar under the seat, which is also very useful for Porsche passenger seats that don t have a pre-cut sub-strap slot. The Schroth Porsche GT3/GT4 Four-Point Harness has a street-legal FE Camlock that releases like a traditional seat belt -- just a push of the button!

* Designed for Porsche OEM carbon bucket seats. This is NOT an FIA homologated competition restraint.


  • Shoulders: Pull Down 2"
  • Laps: Pull Down 2" Zip Adjuster
  • Shoulder fittings: LV4 (2" Shoulders) LV10 also included
  • Lap fittings: Sewn-in B43A (GT3 Specific Hardware)


  • (2) S82 Flat Washers
  • (2) SG29 Bolts
  • (2) S104 Spacer/Collars
  • (2) S184 Flat Washers



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