Schuberth SP1 Communications Kit 1 "a"



Schuberth SP1 Communications Kit



Schuberth SP1 Communications Kit

Upgrade your Schuberth SP1 helmet with integrated speaker kits. Schuberth integrated speaker kits are designed to isolate ambient noise more effectively than earbud-style speakers, reducing driver fatigue and adding to driver comfort. This wiring kit includes noise-reducing earcups, a boom-style microphone, and an IMSA connector. Also available with a 3.5mm jack for in-ear buds (Note: ear cup speakers work if ear buds are not plugged in).

The padded earmuffs give greatly increased sound proofing against the excessive noises of a road race or rally car.

Schuberth SP1 Wiring Kit - Earcups w/ Boom Mic Details:

  • Manufacturer: Schuberth
  • Manufacturer part number: SH HK1111 or SH HK1151
  • Microphone: Yes, boom-style noise-filtering
  • Speakers: Choice of noise-reducing padded Schuberth Ear Cups or Ear Cups + 3.5mm Ear Bud jack
  • Wiring protocol: Male IMSA (4C)
  • Left- or right-side cable per specification

Schuberth SP1 Wiring Kit - Earcups w/ Boom Mic Fitment:

  • SA2020 Schuberth SP1

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