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Shock Doctor Helmet Eject Device



Shock Doctor Eject Device

The Eject helmet removal system will remove your helmet without risk of secondary injuries. Required by IMSA, SRO, NASCAR and many other series, the Eject helmet kit is simple and functional.

Eject Helmet Removal Kit Details:

  • Manufacturer: Eject
  • Manufacturer part number: 2080051
  • Manufacturer alternate part number: 890-01-30I
  • Choose "self Install" to have a new sealed kit sent to you or "we install" to have us install your new Eject for you.
  • IMSA, SRO, NASCAR legal: Yes

Eject® Helmet Removal System will remove your helmet without risk of secondary injuries. So simple and required in all higher levels of racing. Packaged singly to be used as a replacement system or for an Eject user with multiple helmets. Eject® Helmet Removal System is a small air bladder that fits easily into any helmet, without changing its fit or feel. In the event of a crash, First Responders can help reduce the risk of secondary neck or spine injuries by inflating the Eject System which gently lifts the helmet off a rider’s head.

The most critical moment after a crash is removing the helmet. The EJECT Helmet Removal System is designed to aid in a safer helmet removal by inflating an airbag within the helmet. Once the airbag is inflated the helmet lifts off without causing further injuries to the driver.

Note: As of 13 January 2021, IMSA requires the use of either the Eject Helmet Removal Kit or the Stand 21 Lid Lifter Balaclava (per IMSA rulebook section 21.1.2).

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