Simpson Hybrid S Custom Female or Male Fit - Works with 3 Way Belt 1 "a"

$1,152.95 $1,293.00 -11% OFF

Simpson Hybrid S Custom Female or Male Fit - Works with 3 Way Belt

$1,152.95 $1,293.00 -11% OFF

Custom Simpson Hybrid S

If you want the best in comfort and protection, a Custom Fit Hybrid S is the answer. This is a custom, made to measure Simpson Hybrid S device that will give you not just the safety you need, but comfort every lap. Great for females or anyone that wants a custom Hybrid S.

This is a custom made to measure device that will be made to your exact dimensions. Your custom device is usually ready to ship within 14 days. Fill out the required fields and let us make you the most comfortable SFI 38.1 helmet restraint you will ever wear.

Steps to measuring your Custom Female Simpson Hybrid S:

Step 1: Wearing your favorite racing suit or normal driving apparel, measure over your outermost layer. Your new Simpson Custom Female device will always be on the outside with nothing covering it.

Step 2: Measure just below the bottom of the bra all the way around. Fill in this number in inches (including fractions) or centimeters.

Step 3: Measure from top of shoulder over breast to bottom of bra. Fill in this number in inches (including fractions) or centimeters.

Simpson Hybrid S Details:

  • Manufacturer: Simpson
  • Manufacturer part number: SIM-HYS-CUSTOM
  • Rating: FIA 8858-2010
  • Works with 3 way factory belts
  • Works with racing 4/5/6/7 way racing harness
  • High quality carbon fiber construction
  • Low profile. No high back to hook on the bars on exit
  • Multiple load paths to dissipate head loads
  • Buckle attachment in front. No bulky straps underneath
  • Full Carbon Fiber "S" Model
  • Connects to standard Hans Post Anchors, not included

Simpson Hybrid S Custom Female Fit - Works with 3 Way Belt Benefits.

The Hybrid S Head Restraint By Simpson is Now the Only Head Restraint Approved for 3-point harnesses that is also FIA approved. This provides added protection for Driving Instructors, Auto Manufacturing Test Engineers, and other cars with 3-point harnesses. Simpson's top concern is safety.

DE drivers and DE Instructors can now be safe while in a student's car using only a 3 way seat belt. Factory Seat Belts with a Neck Restraint were not compatible until the Simpson Hybrid Nascar Approved Head And Neck Restraint became FIA approved. Stay safe in every vehicle.

For the BEST protection while on a racetrack, we suggest a Full-Containment Cockpit System that includes a Full Containment Seat, Snell rated Helmet, FIA or SFI approved Head Restraint, and 7 point seatbelt harness system.

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