SPA AFFF Refill & Recertify Mechanical Bottle 1 "a"



SPA AFFF Refill & Recertify Mechanical Bottle



Please DO NOT pay for the bottle before shipping us your bottle.

Print and fill out this FORM

SPA AFFF Systems Must Be Inspected and Recertified Every 2 years. This service includes inspection of the bottle, dip tube and firing head, refilling with SPA Lite AFFF fluid, pressurizing to factory-specified pressure with nitrogen, and FIA recertification if applicable. Additional charges may apply if replacement of firing head or other parts is required.

  • Bottles that are up to 2 years past the service due date can be serviced.
  • Bottles that are 2 years and one day past their service due date cannot be serviced (SPA and FIA requirement).
  • Bottles over 5 years old must be hydrostatically tested before service at an extra cost (DOT requirement).*
  • Bottles over 10 years old cannot be serviced (SPA and FIA requirement).
  • Bottles originally designed for gas (Halon / FE-36) or dry chem (powder) cannot be retrofitted with AFFF.

Pay now or later?

Later. Please do not pay for the bottle before shipping us your bottle.

Print and fill out this FORM

We will contact you after we receive and inspect your bottle.


What shipping can I choose for my fire bottle? If it has been discharged, you can ship your bottle to us empty via ground, overnight, 2 or 3 day air. Once your bottle is serviced, DOT regulations will not allow the bottle to be on any aircraft. We must return your fire system bottle via ground shipping ONLY.

Return UPS or FedEx Ground shipping.

In Store / Same Day Service:

Fire suppression systems can be dropped off and/or picked from our store in Dawsonville, GA, or any event our trackside support staff is attending. Same day service is available at the Dawsonville store for an additional $50 charge. Same day service is available during normal store hours except Monday and Saturday. Please call ahead for service availability. Trackside vehicles are not equipped for fire suppression service. 

Discharged or Not Discharged:

If your SPA Technique fire system has run out of time and needs to be re-certified, usually this is all you will need to inspect, service, and certify your fire bottle. Please do not discharge your bottle prior to shipping, unless you need to ship expedited to DiscoveryParts for service.

Old Bottles:

The older bottle design with a single weld seam around the middle of the bottle fails the new hydrostatic test about 99% of the time. The newer bottles with a weld seam at each end have a much higher passing rate. If you have an older single-weld bottle, it is likely that the DOT will not allow us to refill it. In most cases, we have new replacement bottles in stock and ready to ship.

Shipping your bottle to DiscoveryParts:

  1. Create an account at including your billing and shipping address (if different)
  2. If you need help with step 1, call Discovery Parts @ 706-344-1235
  3. Ship your bottle, insured with tracking to:

DiscoveryParts-SPA Recharge
20 Duck Thurmond Road
Unit B-2
Dawsonville, GA 30534

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John m.
Awesome service on refill/recertify

Even shipped it back after a quick turn around!

Chris S.
Quick and easy

Thanks Rob!

Rob O.
Bi Annual recertification AFFF

Timely and reasonable process, just plan ahead and they take care of the customer.


Discovery Parts is amazing. Top notch service and products!

Marc D.
Fire bottle service

As always, DiscoveryParts comes thru just as promised. From shipping, to servicing to back at my doorstep only took one week. Phenomenal service at a fair price. Thank you, Ron and staff.

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