SPA Decabon (Synflex) Tubing 8mm 1 "a"


SPA Decabon (Synflex) Tubing 8mm


SPA Decabon (Synflex) 8mm Metal/Composite Tubing per Ft

Add Extra Length To Your 8mm Spa Fire System Using Synflex Tubing (formerly known as Decabon or Decoron 1300). Decabon / Synflex is easy to form, looks professional and is what is used in SPA fire suppression systems for discharge tubing.

A thin aluminum inner layer is covered with a thick plastic outer layer. This combination provides the strength and rigidity of aluminum tubing with the light weight and corrosion resistance of plastic tubing.

SPA Decabon (Synflex) 8mm Metal/Composite Tubing per Foot Details:

  • Manufacturer: Spa Technique
  • Manufacturer part number: 02SP032 8mm
  • OD: 8mm
  • Part of every SPA Technique Kit with 8mm tubing: Yes

Bending Decabon:

It is also considerably less expensive than tubing manufactured of corrosion resistant metal. Synflex can be bent by hand (no special tools required), but it will hold its shape like metal tubing.

Cutting Decabon:

It can be easily cut with a tubing cutter, wire cutters, or even a shop knife (expect to replace the shop knife blade after cutting this tubing). We cut the tubing in our warehouse using a small hand held tubing cutter below.

Sold in continuous feet, cut lengths are not returnable.

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