Sparco Dual External Horn Button Kit 1 "a"


Sparco Dual External Horn Button Kit


Sparco Dual External Horn Button Kit

Not just for Horns anymore, the Sparco Dual Horn Button Kit is also used for Radio Push To Talk (PTT), Flash to Pass, Drink Bottle, even NOS. Wiring can be done as 2 separate circuits (series) or both buttons to control one circuit (parallel). This is the big brother of the Sparco Single Horn Button with 2x the function.

Sparco External Horn Button Details:

  • Manufacturer: Sparco
  • Manufacturer part number: 015NE982
  • Buttons included: Yes
  • Button quantity: 2
  • Fits between all Sparco, OMP MOMO, Driven steering wheels with 6 bolts: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Button Color: Red

The two buttons can be put in parallel or run as 2 separate circuits. That means you can have each button control it's own circuit or have either control the same. An example is a show car might have both buttons control just the horn, and a racecar may use the left button to control flash to pass and the right button to control the race radio system.

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