Sparco Victory 2.0 Race Suit FIA 8856-2018 1 "a"

$699.00 $999.00 -31% OFF




Sparco Victory 2.0 Race Suit FIA 8856-2018

$699.00 $999.00 -31% OFF




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Sparco Victory 2.0 Race Suit FIA 8856-2018 Homologation

The lightweight and breathable Sparco Victory 2.0 racing suit is feature packed with lightweight HOCOTEX fabric construction, comfort stretch panels, and is dual SFI 3.2/5a and FIA 8856-2018 homologated. Built in Italy with pride, the new lightweight and breathable Sparco Victory 2.0 brings the performance of competitor's suits that have double the cost to weekend racers.

It's hard to improve on a classic, but Sparco has done just that with the updated Victory 2.0 racing suit! Built from the popular Victory racing suit that brought HOCOTEX technology to the needed sub $1000 price point. Largely keeping the popular Victory classic design with modern color options, the new Victory 2.0 suit takes things a step further with an improved cut, style, and fit.

An improved stretch panel on the lower-back further improves mobility, while preformed sleeves maintain excellent steering performance. Sparco's unique HOCOTEX technology makes use of an intricate honeycomb structure that contains thousands of protective microcapsules built into a super-thin and breathable fabric weave. Twice as breathable as other entry-level suits, these insulating compartments replace the multi-layer fabric construction found in every other suit on the market, all while maintaining dual SFI 3.2A/5 & FIA 8856-2018 homologation certifications for zero compromise in protection!


  • Soft and Lightweight
  • Two times more breathable than a standard suit
  • Single Layer Construction, Multi-Layer Protection
  • Hidden front pockets
  • Full-floating, pre-formed sleeves with stretch panels
  • 3 Years of Research and Development
  • HOCOTEX® Patented Sparco Technology – Made in Italy
  • Only single layer SFI 3.2A/5 suit on the market
  • Rating: FIA 8856-2018 & SFI 3.2a/5


Sparco VICTORY 2.0 RACE Suit Size Chart

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