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Stand21 FHR Club Series 3



Stand21 FHR Club Series 3

The Stand21 FHR Club Series 3 has a lightweight, comfortable design that has been proven effective through years of use in countless European racing series. It's now available in the USA through Competition Motorsport!

The Stand21 FHR Club Series 3 is constructed of thermoplastic-injected resin reinforced with carbon fiber, offering excellent protection in a strong, lightweight frame. The Stand21 uses a modified honeycomb pattern in the body of the Series 3 to remove unnecessary weight while maintaining strength, rigidity and performance.

The Stand21 FHR Club Series 3 comes standard without helmet post anchors (if you're upgrading from a previous HANS device, you can use your existing anchors). If you don't already have post anchors, you can add them above and save $10!


  • FIA 8858-2010 certified.
  • Weight (Large): 1.7 lbs. (775 grams)
  • Lighter weight than the HANS Sport 3.
  • Exceptional ergonomics and comfort.
  • Carry bag & clavicle padding included.
  • Available in Medium or Large.
  • Hand-made in France.

Helmet post anchors are not included as standard. Add them above and save $10! (If you already use a HANS-brand device, you may not need new post anchors.)

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