Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018ABP 1 "a"



Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018ABP



Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018ABP Smoked Medium


Previously, the FIA 8860 standards for F1 required a Zylon strip (exceptionally strong, bulletproof material) to be mounted onto the shield to cover a section of the helmet (along the edge of the visor opening of the shell) that was considered, well, slightly less impenetrable by dangerous impacts. Now, for 2019, a new helmet standard has been released - FIA 8860-2018-ABP (Advanced Ballistic Protection) This new standard builds the protection into the helmet shell and therefore eliminates the need for the Zylon strip. (the Zylon strip is still available for use on other Stilo ST5 helmets. It must be purchased in conjunction with the purchase of your new ST5 visor and built by Stilo. This is NOT an after market item that can be installed by the end user)

This new standard drove the Stilo engineers to design and develop a new helmet - the Stilo ST5 FIA8860-2018ABP. With this new helmet design came a new shield design. While looking very similar to the standard Stilo ST5 visor, there is a slight shape difference in the height.

Stilo ST5 ABP Visors are special and designed for Stilo ST5 FIA8860-2018ABP rated helmets. The Stilo ST5 ABP visor is a special, shorter height visor that fits all Stilo FIA 8860-2018ABP helmets. 

Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018ABP Details:

  • Manufacturer: Stilo
  • Qty in kit: One
  • Visor stocking bag included: Yes
  • Fits Stilo ST5 FIA8860-2018ABP helmets: Yes
  • Fits any other Stilo helmet: No

ABP is an Acronym:

Advanced Ballistic Protection is the new F1 standard from 2019 forward. The FIA8860-2018ABP rating is an extremely tough standard for protection at extreme speeds. Trust Stilo to keep you as safe as you can be on track. 

ABP is Shaped Differently:

The Stilo ST5 ABP visors are F1 legal. To design a visor to the strict rules of F1, Stilo went back to the drawing board and perfected what we thought was the perfect visor, the one installed on the ST5. The re-designed FIA8860-2018ABP visor uses the same Stilo pivot kit, mount points, and center locking clasp, but is slightly shorter. By having a visor with a reduced height, strength is improved, weight is reduced, and a lighter and safer helmet is created. Stilo is #1 again. 

Stilo ST5 Visor FIA8860-2018ABP Part Number List:

  • YA0800ABP Clear
  • YA0801ABP Smoked medium visor
  • YA0802ABP Smoked dark visor
  • YA0803ABP Mirror medium visor
  • YA0804ABP Mirror dark visor
  • YA0805ABP Iridium blue medium visor
  • YA0806ABP Iridium blue dark visor
  • YA0807ABP Iridium red medium vosor
  • YA0808ABP Iridium red dark visor

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