Bell HP77 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet 1 "a"


Helmet Size

Bell HP77 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet


Helmet Size

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Bell HP77 8860-2018 Carbon Fiber Helmet

Why invest in the HP77?  the Bell HP77 is based on Bell's highly successful F1 World Champion proven HP7 design worn by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Charles LeClerc, and many others, provides the latest impact protection by lowering the visor opening by 12 mm and reinforcing the front of the helmet with advanced ballistic protection. The HP77 is the most advanced FIA8860-2018 helmet in the Bell product line and sets a new performance standard for a lightweight, aerodynamically superior carbon fiber helmet used for the intense demands of open-wheel and open-cockpit forms of racing.

The HP77 is homologated to the FIA8860-2018 ABP standard, the most rigorous sport helmet standard on the planet. The HP77 was designed for professional formula racers competing at the highest levels of the sport and for any other racing driver who treats safety as a paramount importance.


  • Homologation: FIA8860-2018 ABP

  • Visor opening lowered 12 mm for added ballistic protection from middle size debris

  • High-strength and high modulus carbon fiber ultra-lightweight carbon shell

  • Advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner for energy absorption and impact performance

  • Optical grade injection molded Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) visor

  • Top and chin bar ventilation system with 12 air intake and extraction channels

  • Air intake system includes two-part center and side air intakes

  • Shell and shield design optimized to improve aerodynamic performance

  • Integrated channels for drink tube and radio systems

  • Top spoiler, top and chin bar gurneys available separately

  • Factory installed HANS anchors

  • Available front chinbar hole for drink tube

  • HP helmet bag included

  • Color: Carbon, Matte Finish

  • Sizes: 54 to 59+

  • All sizes shown in centimeters

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Shield and pivot kit: SE77 shield , SV(SE07) pivot kit

Alternative interior fabric colors: Black, White, Red, Tan, Purple, Blue, Green and Neon Yellow (by special order - additional charges will apply). Grey is standard

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