AMP Vinyl Windshield Decal (32
Discovery Parts AMP Vinyl Windshield Decal (32" Wide) $35.00
AMP 32-Inch Windshield Vinyl Decal Vinyl windshield decal featuring the Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) logo in various colors to match your car's livery! This 32-inch wide decal is cut from premium 3M or Oracal intermediate seven-year vinyl.
Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch Decal
Discovery Parts Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch Decal $4.00
Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch Decal The Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch decal for your race car is approved for use in NASA, SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA, PWC, WRC, Tudor and Grand-Am. Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch Decal Details: Shape: rectangle  Color: red electrical bolt over blue background Size: 2" W x 3" H
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Cartek GT Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button
Discovery Parts Cartek GT Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button $359.99
Cartek GT Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button The GT Battery Isolator CK-BG-06-B from CARTEK is a small, lightweight, and highly reliable alternative to the traditional mechanical master-switch. Race-proven and designed to overcome all of the problems and restrictions associated with mechanical and electro/mechanical safety cut-outs. Cartek GT Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button Details: Manufacturer: Cartek Manufacturer part number: CK-BG-06-B Fully electronic with no moving parts Totally sealed against water and dirt Completely resistant to shock and vibration Fully integrated with built in alternator run down circuitry - No extra components required Driver operation by a single internal ON-OFF button/switch External operation by single or multiple 'strike' button(s) Buttons / switches connected to Isolator using light weight wiring Mounts close to battery for reduced cabling Very small and weighs just 140g Designed and manufactured in UK using high quality components [img-15143-left-large_default] When fitted to a race car, the Cartek Solid State Battery Isolator simultaneously isolates the battery and kills the engine immediately when triggered in accordance with FiA safety regulations. Cartek Battery Isolators can be supplied unit only for connection to customers own switches/buttons or as full kits with high quality, fully waterproof, internal and external buttons and safety stickers. This system has been designed to simplify installation thereby saving time and reducing build costs. Cartek GT Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button Specifications: Size: L = 92mm, W = 50mm. Weight: 140g. Battery negative terminal: M8 stud. Positive power terminals: M6 stud. Operational Voltage: 7v - 18v. Current consumption: 50mA ON, 7mA OFF Battery negative switching current: 600A cranking, 2000A surge Positive power switching current: 30A. Operating temperature: -10 C - +85 C. Storage temperature: -40 C - +125 C [img-15143-left-large_default]
Coil Cord 5 Conductor 18
Discovery Parts Coil Cord 5 Conductor 18" Long $45.00
5 Conductor 18" Long Coil Cord 5 Conductor coil cord is used on race car steering wheel remote buttons for PTT (Push To Talk), Drink, Flash to Pass, and many other uses. 5 Conductor 18" Long Coil Cord Details: Manufacturer: Racing Radios Manufacturer part number: G-7965118 Conductors: 5 Length: 18" long relaxed Wire Gauge: 24 The 18" long relaxed length is perfect for giving enough room to remotely hang your steering wheel, but not too long to where it droops below the dash. Usually coiled loosely 2x around the steering column to allow for movement, the 5 conductor 18" long coil cord is rugged and race worthy.
Complete DE Single Color Vinyl Number Package
Discovery Parts Complete DE Single Color Vinyl Number Package $24.95
Complete HPDE Vinyl Car Numbering Package This complete professional kit can be used on a permanent race car or installed for the weekend HPDE so you're not black flagged when the painters tape blows off. We use premium 3M or Oracal intermediate seven-year vinyl that adheres firmly but causes no damage to your car's paint. Removal is easy Sunday afternoon for the drive home also. Complete Single-Color DE Vinyl Number Package Details: (2) 8" door numbers (1) 4" tail number (1) driver's name in Script font Vinyl Color: choose a color that contrasts strongly with your vehicle's exterior. Font: choose your favorite, or change fonts for a different look.
Complete Single Color Vinyl Number Package
Discovery Parts Complete Single Color Vinyl Number Package $29.99
Complete Single-Color Vinyl Number Package Cut from premium 3M or Oracal intermediate seven-year vinyl, the Complete Single-Color Vinyl Number Package includes the following: (2) 10-inch door numbers (1) 10-inch hood number (1) 4-inch tail number (4) 4-inch racing class abbreviations (1) driver's name in Script font, 10 inches wide Vinyl Color: choose a strongly-contrasting color to your vehicle's exterior. Font: Choose your favorite! Change fonts next time for a different look.
Discovery Parts Billet Universal Seat Back Brace
Discovery Parts Discovery Parts Billet Universal Seat Back Brace $169.95
Discovery Parts Billet Universal Seat Back Brace The Discovery Parts Universal Seat Back Brace is approved by SCCA, IMSA, NASA, BMW CCA and other sanctioning bodies. Our aluminum units are designed to bolt to the back of your racing seat and clamp to your roll bar or cage with no welding required Discovery Parts Billet Universal Seat Back Brace Details Manufacturer: Discovery Parts Manufacturer part number: 64080 Fits roll bars: 1-1/2", 1-5/8", and 1-3/4" in diameter Fore-Aft adjustment: 2" to 14" Seat plate dimensions: 3" x 9" (27 in2) Made in the U.S.A. Starting with a lightweight billet aluminum clamp, the Discovery Parts Universal Seat Back Brace features a specially-designed radius that fits roll bar tubing from 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" in diameter. This simple and rugged design allows a two-piece clamp design for easy installation in tight fitting areas. To save weight, two windows are machined with a convergent radius to allow maximum strength and the lightest weight possible. We specially designed the inside roll-bar radius for secure mounting. This Discovery Parts brace adjusts from 2" up to 14", making it ideal for multi-driver cars. The plate that bolts to the back of the seat is 3" x 9" for a total of 27 in2. This brace can be used with just about any aluminum or composite seat at any angle. For fore or aft adjustments, just loosen the upper main clamp housing and get a perfect adjustment for your seat in any position. For other adjustments the brace can be loosened so that the seat can be tilted or moved up or down, and the brace then re-tightened. SCCA, NASA, BMW CCA Club Racing, and IMSA require such braces on all non-FIA-rated seats. Please note: the design of this brace requires you to drill holes in the back of your racing seat and attach the bracket to the seat. Drilling holes and attaching a brace to a composite seat may void the seat warranty and/or the FIA-rating. Check with your seat manufacturer and sanctioning body to make sure you're in compliance. Installing this brace to an aluminum seat should not void any warranties and should comply with racing rules. Installation instructions and all mounting hardware are included.
Discovery Parts Evo Racing Helmet Bag
Discovery Parts Discovery Parts Evo Racing Helmet Bag $59.95
Discovery Parts Evo Racing Helmet Bag The Best Protection for Your Racing Helmet at a Price That Won't Break the Bank! Introducing the ultimate accessory for racing enthusiasts-the Discovery Parts Evo Racing Helmet Bag! Crafted with precision and tailored to the needs of auto racing, this bag combines style, protection, and functionality. Its rugged, water-resistant exterior and reinforced padding ensure your helmet stays safe from damage and the elements. Inside, a soft compartment cradles your helmet, protecting it from scratches while elastic hold-down straps accommodate any size helmet to prevent movement during transport. The bag's comfortable handle and detachable shoulder strap offer convenient carrying options. Experience the fusion of style, durability, and functionality with the Evo Racing Helmet Bag from Discovery Parts. Designed for discerning auto racers and track-day participants, this bag elevates your racing gear game and keeps your helmet in pristine condition. Make a statement on the track with this exceptional accessory today! Features of the Discovery Parts Evo Helmet Bag The Discovery Parts Evo Racing Helmet Bag is constructed of formed high-density polyethylene, creating a firm, durable barrier to protect your helmet. Thick rubber feet allow the helmet bag to stand bag upright. The comfortable rubberized non-slip carrying handle makes it easy to carry even with gloves on, and the convenient super-wide clam shell opening makes the Discovery Parts Professional bag a breeze to use. Discovery Parts Evo Helmet Bag Details: Manufacturer: Discovery Parts Manufacturer part number: DP-6501 Color: Black with Discovery Parts logo Heavy-duty zipper pulls: 1 Shoulder strap: Yes Note: Helmets pictured are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the Discovery Parts Evo Racing Helmet Bag.
Discovery Parts Fueler Goggles
Discovery Parts Discovery Parts Fueler Goggles $49.95
Discovery Parts Fueler Goggles Finally, a superior quality, track-worthy fueler goggle! If you or anyone on your team has tried fueler goggles in the past, you'll appreciate the amount of attention we've paid to detail in developing the Discovery Parts Fueler Goggles. A single impact- and scratch-resistant lens and large, rear-facing vents keep your eyes safe and your vision clear. A comfortable foam gasket keeps fuel, fumes, and sweat from getting into your eyes. Add it all up and we feel the Discovery Parts Fueler Goggles have cracked the code on making the best fueler goggles on the market! Discovery Parts Fueler Goggle Details: Manufacturer: Discovery Parts Manufacturer part number: 80050 Lens: iridium Strap: single adjustable Vents: rear-facing Seal: foam seals top and bottom Lens: Blue iridium impact- and scratch-resistant lens allows perfect vision while keeling sun glare to a minimum, comparable to expensive Oakley sport goggles. Using a single-piece lens is more expensive to build, but perfects vision with no center area blind spot, making this the number one fueler goggle.  Vents: Vents face backwards to prevent a fuel splash from getting to your eyes while keeping the lens fog free and your face cool. Strap: The adjustable elastic strap is thick for ultimate comfort. The adjustment buckle can be moved to sit on the right or left side of the back of the head for easy, quick tightening and loosening with your dominant hand.  Foam Seal: The foam seal on the inner lip of the goggles protects your eyes from outside contaminants while keeping sweat from running into your eyes. This foam seal is super soft and comfortable.
A Discovery Parts gift card is the best gift for a racer, track-day driver, or racing enthusiast!
Discovery Parts Discovery Parts Gift Card from $10.00
Discovery Parts Gift Card Not sure what to buy the racer in your life? Want to surprise your favorite track-day enthusiast but don't want to give it away by asking too many questions? We can help! Pick up a Discovery Parts Gift Card today and eliminate the guesswork, letting them come to Discovery Parts and be a "kid in a candy store!"Gift cards from Discovery Parts range from $10 to $1,000, and are good for one year from the date of purchase. Best of all, they can be used for absolutely anything we carry. That includes sale and clearance items, even special-orders!PLEASE NOTE:After you complete your gift card checkout, you will receive an automated email with a unique gift card code. If you would like to buy multiple gift cards, please buy each card as a completely separate order. Each email can only contain a single gift card code, so you'll receive a separate email for each card.
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Discovery Parts Pro Helmet Bag is the best way to safely carry your racing helmet at the track and keep it safe in the trailer and around the paddock.
Discovery Parts Discovery Parts Helmet Bag $39.95 $59.95
Discovery Parts Helmet Bag The Discovery Parts Helmet Bag has two zipper pulls and an external pouch with velcro closure. Full length straps hold even the biggest helmet securely and the soft interior protects those expensive visor shields. Keep your racing helmet looking new for years. Discovery Parts Helmet Bag Details: Manufacturer: Discovery Parts Manufacturer part number: DIS-6500 Color: Black Zipper pulls: 2 Outer pouch: Yes
DiscoveryParts Logo T-Shirt
Discovery Parts DiscoveryParts Logo T-Shirt $24.95
Fly Our Flag at Your Next Event! These Next Level Apparel 60/40% cotton/poly t-shirts are lightweight, soft, comfortable and of course stylish. Show your support for DiscoveryParts at your next race weekend, track day, autocross or cars and coffee! We love to see these shirts popping up on Facebook, Instagram and wherever else you post your favorite track pics, so be sure to tag us! We especially love to see customers walk into our store at Atlanta Motorsports Park donning our logo, so stop by and say hello!
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DOCOL R8 Advanced High Strength Steel
Discovery Parts DOCOL R8 Advanced High Strength Steel $0.00
DOCOL R8: The State of the Art in Advanced High-Strength Steel A few years ago, while attending PRI (the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis), the guys at CMS Performance were introduced to a newly-developed steel tubing product called Docol R8. It was designed to replace 4130 Chrome-Moly -- a World War II-era product -- in race car chassis and safety cage construction. They were intrigued. 4130 has always had its drawbacks as a metal used for impact absorption. It tends to get brittle when welded, and it lacks ductility (the ability to sustain plastic deformation under tensile stress before failure.) Docol is a modern, engineered Dual Phase Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS), replacing 4130 as the state-of-the-art material for race car chassis and safety cage manufacturing. CMS found that racing fabricators were switching to Docol R8. Engineered specifically for motorsports applications, Docol R8 is an improvement over 4130 in every way: Docol R8 is considerably stronger than 4130 CrMo. Tensile Strength of 116,000 psi vs 95,000 psi, Yield Strength of 100,000 psi vs. 75,000 psi. Docol R8's heat-affected zone (HAZ) is much smaller, meaning much less joint embrittlement from the heat of TIG welding. Docol R8 has a higher resistance to fatigue. Docol R8 is much more tolerant of heavy fabrication (such as tube bending and forming). Docol R8 is far more dimensionally consistent, with tube diameter variance of 0.3% vs. 10.0% in 4130 and wall thickness variance less than 1/3 that of 4130. So after extensive research, consultation with testing engineers, and discussion with professional race car fabricators, Competition Motorsport was the first major manufacturer to transition fabrication of all our bolt-in roll bars and harness bars from using 4130 CrMo to Docol R8. That was in 2018, and five years later Discovery Parts and CMS have had nothing but great experience with, and feedback about, Docol R8. Fortunately, we haven't had many customers tell us about accidents they've had that put the strength of their CMS Performance roll bar to the test. But we have had a couple. In one case in particular, a customer told us his CMS roll bar saved him from significant injury. He was hit broadside at an angle just behind the driver seat -- basically, right into the meat of the main hoop of his roll bar -- and the offending car didn't protrude into the cockpit even an inch further. Competition Motorsport drivers have been amazed at the strength of Docol R8 under race conditions. Having had their fair share of race car "rubbing", the chassis structures fabricated from Docol are always amazingly intact.Is Docol more expensive than 4130? A little. But CMS Performance prices have remained unchanged. They believe in delivering a superior product at a competitive price, and that very much fits Discovery Parts' philosophy. It gives us an edge, and it gives our customers an edge. CMS Performance designs and manufactures every roll bar in-house, starting with straight bar stock and ending up with a beautifully TIG-welded roll bar. They powder coat each one in their professional powder booth, on-site. And they're proud to use advanced materials like Docol R8. None of it is farmed out. When CMS puts their name on a piece of safety equipment, and we ask you to bolt it in your car and take it to the track, we don't take chances. The result is superior design, quality, and service, that you simply can't find anywhere else. You can pay more for a roll bar, but you can only get the best from CMS Performance. Check out all the CMS Performance Roll Bars here. And, as always, feel free to give us a call at (888) 748-7223 or drop us an email if you want more info about Docol R8 vs 4130 CrMo, and if you want to discuss what roll bar is right for you!
Hans Soft Bag
Discovery Parts Hans Soft Bag $10.25
Protect your HANS device from damaging sunlight and scuffing with this lightweight HANS bag. It's a small price to pay to protect one of your finest pieces of safety gear.