CMS Performance Porsche 981-718 Cayman Harness Bar 1 "a"


Pre-Cut Trim

Powder Coat Color

CMS Performance Porsche 981-718 Cayman Harness Bar


Pre-Cut Trim

Powder Coat Color

CMS Performance Bolt-In Harness Bar for Porsche 981 & 718 Cayman

FITS: 2012+ Porsche Cayman (Base, S, GTS, GT4)

Made from high-strength, fully TIG welded Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel tubing, the CMS Performance Harness Bar is the strongest and safest bolt-in harness bar on the market for your Porsche 981 Cayman. It gives you the perfect attachment for your five- or six-point harness shoulder straps without having to install a full roll bar. The welded-in strap hoops keep them aligned with your shoulders.

The CMS Harness Bar is designed to place the shoulder straps at the proper angle (0 to -20 ) and distance (eight inches or less) to the driver, regardless of seat position, without cutting the Cayman's center carpeted "hump". This design also provides an ideal location to mount an AiM SmartyCam . The CMS Harness Bar doesn't interfere at all with access to the engine cover. It mounts to the frame structure across the passenger compartment bulkhead, directly behind the seats.

TIG welded by our master welders, the integrity, fit, and finish of the CMS Harness Bar is unsurpassed. The standard color for the bar is satin black (as pictured) to complement any interior. Or we can custom powder-coat it to match your car at no extra charge!

Some cutting of your OEM plastic trim will be required. CMS offers precision pre-cut OEM Porsche trim as an option to ease installation and preserve your original trim!


  • 1.50 Ä≥ x .120" Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel

  • No cutting of the center carpeted "hump" to preserve OEM carpet

  • CNC-cut mounting plates

  • Designed and built in the USA

  • Allows full seat travel with any seat

  • Easy to install and perfect fitment guaranteed

  • Detailed Installation Instructions and all necessary hardware

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