CMS Performance Roll Bar for Mustang S550/Shelby GT350/R/GT500 1 "a"


Powder Coat Color

CMS Performance Roll Bar for Mustang S550/Shelby GT350/R/GT500


Powder Coat Color

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CMS Performance Roll Bar for Mustang S550/Shelby GT350/R/GT500


  • 2016+ Ford Shelby GT350
  • 2016+ Ford Shelby GT350R
  • 2015+ Ford Shelby GT500
  • 2015+ Ford Mustang S550 (V6, EcoBoost, GT)


The CMS Performance Mustang Roll Bar is the strongest, safest, and most beautifully constructed roll bar on the market. In designing our Mustang roll bar, safety, strength, and structural integrity were our primary goals. That's why it is fully TIG welded from ultra-strong Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel sized 1.75" diam x .095" wall, vs. the mild-steel tubing others use. Docol R8 is 30-35% stronger than DOM mild steel and even 10-15% stronger than 4130 CrMo steel. This allowed us to design a roll bar that is stronger and lighter!

Precision CNC machined interlocking roll bar clamps, made to our specifications in the USA, make joining the main hoop and kickers easier during installation while giving the CMS Performance roll bar a premium, finished look. Adding our optional Rear Seat Delete Kit (not necessary on the GT350R) gives your roll bar installation a from-the-factory OEM look.


Let's face it, safety is the primary reason to install a roll bar in the first place. So the CMS Performance Mustang Roll Bar is designed to place your harness shoulder straps at both the proper angle (0 to -20 ) and distance to the driver. The rear kickers bolt to a strong existing bulkhead, requiring no reinforcement plates beneath the floor pan. Our use of state-of-the-art Docol ultra-high-strength-steel tubing throughout allows us to keep the driver's rear view unobstructed by diagonal braces, which also keeps weight down. Every detail is engineered with safety and structural integrity as our primary goal.



The other reason to install a roll bar is because it really complements the aggressive, race-inspired styling of the Mustang S550 and Shelby GT350/R/500. We get that. So each bar is crafted by hand by master fabricators, TIG welded for the ultimate in durability, and custom powder coated in our facility (at no extra charge). We've color-matched powder to most of Ford's factory paint colors for a truly customized look, or you can choose from thousands of custom colors and finishes to give your car a personalized look that will last. Going from raw Docol tube stock to a gleaming finish, every roll bar is handcrafted by our most experienced cage- and race car builders. Nothing is left to chance.

The CMS roll bar is designed to give you an unobstructed view through your rear window. None of your plastic interior trim needs to be removed or cut, just a little carpet that is hidden away. So if you ever need to put your car back to stock, it will look as though the roll bar was never there.

Complete, detailed instructions make installation pretty simple (figure about two hours if you're reasonably handy; having a buddy helps!) All the supplied installation hardware is American made: Grade 8 mounting hardware and an industrial carbide drill bit. So you don't have worry that you don't have what you need for a flawless installation.

You can add four-point Schroth Profi II ASM Harnesses specifically designed for use in cars with no sub-strap cut-through in the seat (like the Mustang). Many customers also add CMS Locking Harness Collars to keep harness shoulder straps right where you want them (they're not required for safety, but a lot of people like the look!).

Click Here For Installation Instructions


  • 1.75" X .095" Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel for superior strength and safety.
  • Fully TIG welded for ultimate strength, integrity, and beauty.
  • One-piece main hoop and three-piece rear kicker make installation simpler.
  • Only 52 lbs. yet incredibly strong.
  • CNC-cut mounting plates.
  • Designed, built, and powder-coated by CMS in the USA.
  • CNC machined high-strength steel interlocking clamps ease installation.
  • Allows full seat travel with any seat.
  • Straightforward install and perfect fitment, guaranteed.
  • Includes all necessary hardware including carbide drill bit.

Roll bar installation in the Mustang V6, EcoBoost, GT, Shelby GT350 & GT500 requires removal of the rear seats. An OEM rear-seat delete comes standard in the GT350R, although our rear seat delete saves you cutting up the OEM should you wish to save it.


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