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Dash Loggers

AiM Dash Loggers give you a full display in the front and a powerful complete data logging system in the back. AiM uses the highest grade connectors so once an AiM system is correctly installed, it is a set and forget item. As your driving progresses, so does your AiM system. Need to add a camera, multiple cameras, multiple HD cameras, multiple HD remote cameras, or even suspension travel logging? AiM has done it already. Let AiM and the experts at DiscoveryParts make it easy for you to get your fastest lap possible. 

AiM MXL2 Dash
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The AiM MXL2 Is A Powerful And Flexible Racing Data Acquisition System That Is Just As easy to set up and use as all other AiM systems. The MXL2 offers many improvements and enhancements over the original MXL dash system.
AiM Solo 2 GPS Lap Timer
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The Best In Data Acquisition Offers A Feature Packed, Stand-Alone Unit. AiM takes their knowledge of affordable data systems and introduces the AiM Solo 2. What are the differences between the best selling in category AiM Solo and the new AiM Solo 2
AiM Solo 2 DL GPS Lap Timer
What are the differences between the AiM Solo 2 and the new AiM Solo 2 DL? The DL stands for engine and vehicle data download. If you have a modern vehicle, your AiM Solo 2 DL can extract your engine and chassis data and extrapolate that information for a better understanding of not just driver performance, but vehicle performance and health.
AiM MXP 1.2 Strada 6" Screen Dash w/ Street Icons
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The AiM MXP Strada dash represents a huge leap forward in street car dash display flexibility. The brilliant 800x480 pixel (6" diagonal) TFT display frees you from the constraints of a single, factory-designed LCD display. The MXP Strada shows you the data you want, the way you want.
AiM MXG 1.2 X-Large 7" Screen Dash Logger
The AiM MXG 1.2 Delivers. Period. A Full Color 7" High Contrast Display Screen Hides a Full Feature Data Logging Computer. It is not only a legit data logger but a full 7" dash of every parameter you need on track. Easily Fully Configurable to bring pro level data log & display to the highest level racer. 
AiM MXS 1.2 Dash Logger 5" Screen
AiM MXS 1.2, the evolution of MXS, is the dash logger designed to acquire and display data coming from your ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, as well as from the GPS08 Module included in the kit, analog / digital inputs and predefined math channels. 
AiM MXm Dash Logger
The AiM MXm is a compact-sized, fully featured dash logger for racers needing ECU or engine sensor data while having the option of adding multiple HD cameras. From Spec Miata to Porsche GT3, the new AiM MXm is ready to monitor and record your vehicle and driver health and performance.
AiM MXP 6" Screen Dash Logger
Offering 50% more display area than the 5'' MXS display, in a similar dimension, the AiM MXP dash logger is perfect for any car. The MXP has 8 fully configurable analog inputs, 6 digital inputs, predefined math channels and second CAN. Performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.