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Hood & Deck Pins

Racecar Hood Pin Kits and Parts. We offer many options for securing your racecar's hood, deck lid, etc including hair-pin, flip pin, and the awesome AeroCatch. Keep your hood in place on track and make for lightning quick pit stops with the correct style hood pin kit. If the mounting location hard to reach, look at a self contained hood pin kit like the OMP Anodized Alloy Bonnett Pin Kit. If the pins are easy to reach then it is hard to beat the price of the Longacre 3/8 Hood Pin Kit , and if aero is a must then nothing beats the ultimate hood pin kit, AeroCatch. Discoveryparts offers the perfect hood pin kit for every racecar on every racetrack.

Tow Hooks serve a different purpose. They are used just before the "tow of shame" back to the paddock, where you get to spend the next 40 minutes figuring out how to get all that gravel out of every part of your racecar. At DiscoveryPart we have quite a bit of experience in the tow hook, tow loop, gravel removal department. We offer direct fit, thread-in tow hooks and many universal tow loops to make any install easy and secure. See our selection of Racing Tow Hooks and Loops and if you have any questions, of course give us a call @ 888.748.7223.

Longacre Hood Pin Kit 3/8in Diameter
In Stock
Hood Pin Kit by Longacre to Replace Bulky Stock Hood Latch Hardware. Includes pins, jam nuts, scuff plates and flip style safety pins. Set of 2.
AeroCatch 120 Series Flush Mount Hood Pins
In Stock
These 120 Series Hood Pins By AeroCatch Grace The Fastest Racecars On The Planet. From Spec Miata to Daytona Prototype, AeroCatch Hood Pins Are On Every Racetrack Every Weekend.
Replacement Threaded Eyelet Pin for AeroCatch Hood Pin
Genuine AeroCatch Replacement Hood Pin with Threaded Eyelet for all AeroCatch hood pin kits. This is the same pin included with the original AeroCatch Panel Latch. Rugged and tested to a hefty 650 lb pullout test.