PFC Brake Pads 991.08.17.44 Front 1 "a"


PFC Brake Pads 991.08.17.44 Front



One of PFC's most popular compounds which came to fame in Endurance Sports Car and GT racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must. PFC 08 has a slight friction rise with temperature, excellent release and modulation characteristics.

Despite its considerable performance, PFC 08 has the lowest wear rate of all PFC compounds and can easily match the wear characteristics of competitors' materials but with much higher bite and more consistent performance across a broad temperature range.

FITMENT (Iron Rotors Only):

  • Porsche 997.1 & 997.2 GT3/GT3RS
  • Porsche 997 Turbo
  • Porsche 996 GT3

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