Sparco Hydration Pack 1 "a"


Sparco Hydration Pack


Sparco Hydration Pack

With temperatures that can reach 130o F in the cockpit of a race car, a driver can lose up to 10 pounds of fluid during a three-hour race. Dehydration can impair a driver’s ability to concentrate and focus during long stints. The Sparco Hydration Pack helps you stay hydrated in the race car to combat the negative effects of dehydration.

The Hydration Pack attaches to the back of any Sparco competition seat (and most non-Sparco seats). It features a specially designed insulated pouch that holds two liters of water. The drink tube can be attached to your shoulder harness to keep it properly located for easy access. It also features extra pockets for carrying small items.


  • Attaches to any Sparco competition seat, and most others
  • Insulated pouch holds 2 liters of liquid
  • Convenient drink tube clip

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