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NRG Mustang/Focus/Fiesta Steering Wheel Hub
OMP NRG Mustang/Focus/Fiesta Steering Wheel Hub $135.99
NRG Mustang Steering Wheel Hub Ford Mustang, Focus, Fiesta, Mazda 2 and 3 Racers - this is the steering wheel hub adapter you want. Smaller than the competition, so no trimming of the dash panels or gauge cluster is required. NRG Innovation Steering Wheel Adapter for your 2005-2015 Mustang is the number one best seller. This hub is designed utilizing one piece solid construction for the maximum in durability. This hub has a HEX female hole. NRG Inovations has machined a piece of aluminum that is worthy of the highest level race or show cars. It does not just look the part, but is ready for years of track abuse. Precision machines, awesome finish, and ready for easy install in your prized 2005-2015 Mustang, 2000-2014 FOcus, 2011-2014 Fiesta. Bonus, it also fits Mazda 2 (2011-2014) and Mazda 3 (2004-2014) NRG Innovation has developed another complement to their quick release steering kits. These units were designed specially so that an aftermarket steering wheel installed with the quick release kit still mounts in the same location, not too close to the driver. Made from the highest quality aluminum. NRG's Short Hubs are made to work with NRG quick releases.  NRG Mustang/Focus/Fiesta Steering Wheel Hub is Compatible With:  2005-2015 Ford Mustang 2000-2014 Ford Focus 2011-2014 Ford Fiesta 2011-2014 Mazda 2 2004-2014 Mazda 3 NRG Mustang/Focus/Fiesta Steering Wheel Hub Details: Manufacturer: NRG Innovations Manufacturer part number: SRK-175H
OMP OMP - EYE BOLT (DB4206) $9.95
7/16" eye bolt to attach harness snap-hook fittings.
OMP OMP - EYE BOLT PLATE (DB4186) $12.50
Seat belt plate with threaded 7/16 nut ready to be welded to the chassis. Complying with FIA. MEASURES50x80x3 mm
OMP 320 ALU S Steering Wheel
OMP OMP 320 ALU S Steering Wheel $349.00
OMP 320 ALU S Steering Wheel The 320 ALU S steering wheel from OMP is a flat steering wheel with 3 anodized aluminium spokes. This steering wheel includes pre-formed handgrips for superior feel and increased comfort. Supplied with 2 individual buttons which can be used to control separate accessories, such as horn and highbeams. Diameter: 320mm Handgrip: Oval 35x24mm Color: Black Suede
OMP 36-Hole Seat Side Mount Brackets
OMP OMP 36-Hole Seat Side Mount Brackets from $139.00
OMP 36-Hole Racing Seat Brackets New OMP racing seat brackets feature a 36-hole design to accommodate an incredibly wide range of seat mounting configurations. OMP's high-strength 6 mm aluminum construction complies with FIA Appendix J article 253, approved for competition use. They are designed to work seamlessly with OMP Racing Seats, and will fit many other seats with 11.4 in. (289 mm) side-mounting hole spacing (e.g., Sparco seats). The multi-hole design allows for up to 36 different seat mounting positions. Black anodized for excellent durability.
The OMP ARS-R Racing Seat best deal with discounts and the lowest price when on sale
OMP OMP ARS-R Racing Seat $849.00
  OMP ARS-R Racing Seat The OMP ARS-R is an OMP composite FIA 8855-1999 approved race seat for the ultimate in a safe race seating. Based on the OMP WRC, but with lower front leg supports for easier egress, but enough to hold you in during the highest G corners you may ever drive. The OMP ARS-R is a lightweight race seat solution for the most precise drivers.  OMP ARS-R racing seat is manufactured with a gel-coated fiberglass shell. The OMP ARS-R has Large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights. The OMP ARS-R sports medium height side bolsters for lateral leg support. The OMP ARS-R also has removable back, base and leg cushion for maximum individual seating comfort. The OMP ARS-R is upholstered entirely in high breathability AIRTEX material.
OMP Carbon Rib Protector
OMP OMP Carbon Rib Protector $189.00
OMP Carbon Rib Protector OMP Racing K-style rib protection vests help keep you protected when things go sideways at the track. Made with a tough carbon fiber outer shell and padding on the inside for comfort, these rib protectors maintain the highest level of movement, without sacrificing driver protection. All closures feature buckle-less adjustable straps for comfort and safety.
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OMP FIRST Evo Fire Suit
OMP OMP FIRST Evo Fire Suit $549.00 $799.00
OMP FIRST EVO Racing Fire Suit FIA 8856-2018 HOMOLOGATED Two layer overall with modern two-tone design featuring an excellent quality/comfort/price ratio. OMP First Evo two-layer suit with modern two-tone design featuring an excellent quality/comfort/price ratio. External layer in aramidic fiber for high use and washing resistance, inner fabric in soft knitted material. Floating sleeves, antirubbing ultra flat seams. Elasting inserts on the back and on the groins for better comfort and flexibility. Breathable inserts on the sleeves, comfortable hidden inner pocket.NEW MODEL, LIGHTER THAN PREVIOUS MODELFIA increases the safety in motorsport with the release of new standard FIA 8856-2018 for fire retardant racewear.The new standard establishes the requirements for design and performance in terms of increased protection against flames and against heat transmission, mechanical resistance and tensile strength.  PROTECTION: Certified to FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard. Lightweight and breathable two-layer suit KEY FEATURES: Two-layer suit construction Soft-knitted inner material Floating arms with elastic bellows Ultra-flat anti rubbing seams Classic-fit design. Weight: 385 g/m2
OMP First Evo Nomex Gloves
OMP OMP First Evo Nomex Gloves $139.00
OMP First Evo Racing Gloves- Elevate Your Performance on the Track   FIA 8856-2018 HOMOLOGATED Introducing the OMP First Evo Racing Gloves, the ultimate choice for those with a passion for auto racing and motorsport. Crafted with expertise and engineered to exceed expectations, these gloves are designed to enhance your racing experience, providing the edge you need to dominate the competition.  Freshly re-designed, the OMP First Evo Racing Glove take a great-mid-level glove and adds features typically reserved for flagship models. The new OMP First Evo glove features silicone printing on the palm and fingers for fantastic grip with just the right amount of slide allowance, as well as external seams to keep you comfortable during the longest stints. All of this with no sacrifice to protection, the OMP First Evo complies with the incredibly strict FIA 8856-2018 rating. Professional, light, grippy, and protective - the OMP First Evo is your new glove.  Unparalleled Fire-Resistant ProtectionSafety is paramount on the racing circuit, and the OMP First Evo Racing Gloves prioritize your well-being with its FIA 8856-2018 certification. Constructed with advanced fire-resistant materials, these gloves offer unmatched protection against intense heat and flames. Compliant with rigorous safety standards, they provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to focus solely on pushing your limits and achieving exceptional performance.Grip-Enhancing Technology for Optimal ControlExperience unrivaled control and confidence with the OMP First Evo Racing Gloves. Featuring cutting-edge grip-enhancing technology, these gloves ensure maximum traction and control.  The First Evo's printed silicon-rubber palms provide maximum grip with minimum bulk. An elastic wrist keeps the gloves fitted snug while being easy to put on/take off, and the straight cut gauntlet maintains a clean look. Every curve and corner becomes an opportunity to excel as the silicone patterns strategically placed on the gloves provide an extraordinary grip, allowing you to navigate the track with precision and finesse.  OMP uses a special knit of Nomex® fabric making it stretchier then other glove fabric resulting in improved fit and comfort. Graphics, logos, and forefinger highlight are printed on reducing weight and bulk. Elastic wriststops keep gloves in place and make for a snug fit.Unleash High-Performance ExcellenceThe OMP First Evo Racing Gloves embody the essence of high-performance racing. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, they offer a perfect balance of comfort, flexibility, and durability. Engineered to withstand the rigors of professional racing, these gloves enable unrestricted hand movements, empowering you to deliver your best lap after lap.Track-Ready and VersatileGet ready to unleash your potential on any racing track with the OMP First Evo Racing Gloves. Whether you're competing in amateur racing with NASA, SCCA, WRL, PCA, or any other auto racing organization, these gloves are tailored to adapt and excel in diverse racing environments. Their versatile design ensures optimal performance and reliability, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.Preferred Choice of Professional RacersJoin the league of champions who trust OMP as their go-to brand for professional racing gear. The First Evo Racing Gloves have earned the trust of world-class racers, providing them with the competitive edge they need to achieve victory. Try the gloves that have been tested and proven on the most demanding tracks around the globe.Flame-Retardant InnovationThe OMP First Evo Racing Gloves incorporate state-of-the-art flame-retardant technology, delivering an added layer of protection. With their advanced materials and meticulous craftsmanship, these gloves offer enhanced resistance to flames, safeguarding your hands against potential risks. Drive with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and secure grip on the steering wheel.Experience Ultimate Comfort Sleek and lightweight, OMP's re-designed First Evo Racing Gloves offer the comfortable design and features of top end models at a fraction of the price. External stitching (typically available only on the most expensive racing gloves) and a pre-curved shape vastly improve fit and comfort while reducing hand fatigue.  Designed for endurance and comfort, the OMP First Evo Racing Gloves provide a snug and ergonomic fit. Their exceptional comfort ensures a seamless connection between your hands and the racing controls, allowing you to maintain focus and perform at your peak. The gloves' breathable construction and optimized ventilation keep your hands cool and dry even during the most intense racing sessions.Craftsmanship Meets StyleImmerse yourself in a world where craftsmanship meets style. The OMP First Evo Racing Gloves boast an elegant design that reflects your impeccable taste and dedication to motorsport excellence. Make a statement on and off the track with gloves that combine performance and style in perfect harmony.Unleash Your Racing PotentialElevate your racing experience with the OMP First Evo Racing Gloves - the ultimate choice for those who strive for greatness on the track. With their fire-resistant protection, superior grip, and exceptional performance, these gloves equip you to push the boundaries and unleash your true racing potential.  The OMP First Evo's combination of top-end features and budget friendliness has made these the new staff favorite racing gloves at any price! OMP First Evo FIA 8856-2018 Race Glove Details:Manufacturer: OMPManufacturer part number: IB/767Certification: FIA 8856-2018Colors: Black/White/Yellow Fluo, Black/Gray/White, Navy Blue/Cyan/White, & Red/White/BlackSizes: Small - X-LargeConstruction: Silicone printing on palms and fingers, External seams, Elastic wrist stop
OMP First Nomex Pants
OMP OMP First Nomex Pants $119.00
OMP First Nomex Pants OMP entry level fire retardant underwear pants with flat seams, tight ankle and elastic on waist to increase comfort. Regular fit. FIA 8856-2018 Homologated SFI 3.3 Homologated      
OMP First Nomex Shirt
OMP OMP First Nomex Shirt $129.00
OMP First Nomex Top Entry level fire retardant underwear top with flat seams, shaped neck and raglan sleeves to increase comfort. Regular fit. FIA 8856-2018 Homologated SFI 3.3 Homologated   
OMP OMP FIRST-S Race Suit $599.00
OMP FIRST-S Race Suit FIA 8856-2018 HOMOLOGATED OMP's revised entry-level FIRST-S Racing suit is improved with all-new lightweight fabrics, while still maintaining its popular classic style. Its durable fire-retardant exterior is matched to a soft, knitted inner layer for improved comfort and durability. The high-quality Italian construction uses ultra-flat internal seams to prevent rubbing, and features an elastic knitted lower-back insert for improved comfort and mobility. Lighter weight than previous versions of OMP's FIRST-S, the new design includes full-floating arms for greater freedom of movement, and modern "fishbone" quilting to match the driver's ergonomics in a seated position. OMP FIRST-S RACE SUIT PROTECTION Certified to FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard Lightweight and breathable two-layer suit OMP FIRST-S KEY FEATURES Two-layer suit construction Soft-knitted inner material Floating arms with elastic bellows Ultra-flat anti rubbing seams Classic-fit design. Weight: 385 g/m2
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OMP HRC-R Racing Seat Lowest Price
OMP OMP HRC-R Racing Seat from $979.00
    OMP HRC-R Racing Seat The OMP HRC-R is a new racing seat from OMP with a fiberglass shell and high protection shoulder and head containment. This seat is designed to allow installation and comfortable driving positions in GT cars with reduced internal cockpit room. Fire-resistant Airnet and velour upholstering. Predrilled shell to allow cooling kit installation.  OMP HRC-R XL is an Extra-Large FIA 8855-1999 race seat loaded with features taken from WRC & DTM teams. This is the XL Version, larger and higher for the larger framed racer.The lightweight fiberglass composite shell is pre-drilled for the OMP HC/913 seat air cooling kit. Now you can reduce your core temperature even more to stay focused and precise. OMP thought of everything for the larger racer who wants the safety of a head containment seat and reduced core temperatures. OMP HRC-R Racing Seat FEATURES: FIA 8855-1999 homologated. Gel-coated fiberglass shell. Weight: 22.4 lbs. (10.2 kg). Side mount only.  
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OMP HTE EVO Racing Seat Lowest Price
OMP OMP HTE Evo Racing Seat $1,099.00
  OMP HTE EVO Racing Seat Innovative ultra-protective shell inspired by the multi world champion OMP HTE ONE seat. High protection and containment, designed to accommodate various heights.  Larger shoulder belt openings are the first thing you notice about the new OMP HTE Evo. Based off OMP's #1 selling head containment seat, the OMP HTE-R and the multi world championship seat, the OMP HTE ONE. Meeting the stringent FIA 8855-1999 homologation, know OMP has your connection with the car at the highest level.OMP HTE EVO FIA Race Seat Details:Manufacturer: OMPManufacturer part number: HA/818Rating: FIA 8855-1999Cover: Velour and AirnetGel coated fiberglass shell side fixing pointsHSC patent compatibleHans compatible OMP HTE EVO is the modern update of the HTE-R that was a design taken from the Porsche 996 Cup Car, has been adopted as the seat to have in serious motorsports. Lightweight, covered with Airtex material for breathability and comfort, and bolsters that hold you in make this a favorite in GTS and GT series racers. Back, base, leg and bottom cushions are removable and reposition-able to make fitting the most complicated driver fitment easy.
OMP HTE-R 400 Racing Seat
OMP OMP HTE-R 400 Racing Seat $1,029.00
    OMP HTE-R 400 Racing Seat The OMP HTE-R 400 racing seat gives you the same protective halo-style design as their standard HTE-R in a slimmer profile for installation in smaller cockpits. Constructed from a lightweight gel-coated fiberglass shell, the HTE-R 400 is upholstered in OMP's highly breathable Airtex material for comfort even in the hottest conditions. Removable back/base cushions and a comfortable split-leg bottom cushion give you room to customize the fit. High side bolsters offer excellent lateral support, while the large HANS-compatible shoulder harness slots ensure proper alignment for a wide range of driver heights.  Made For Smaller Vehicles With Normal Sized Drivers. OMP HTE-R 400 Is Designed as an FIA approved Head Containment seat with a smaller upper shoulder and head containment area. If you are a normal sized racer and in a Miata, S2000, Z4 and such, this is the perfect answer to keeping you safe on track.  FEATURES: FIA 8855-1999 Homologated Gel-coated Fiberglass shell Weight: 22.4 lbs. (10.2 kg) Mounting: Side only