Lifeline Zero 2000 2.25 Liter Steel Manual System 1 "a"


Lifeline Zero 2000 2.25 Liter Steel Manual System


Lifeline Zero 2000 2.25 Liter Steel Manual Fire Suppression System

Ground shipping only. Pressurized bottles cannot be shipped via air.

This is Lifeline's entry level AFFF system meeting most 5lbs suppressant requirements, however it is does not carry an SFI or FIA certification. This system utilizes a steel bottle with mechanical activation and employs two nozzles: one in the engine bay, one in the cockpit. It is best suited for open wheel, formula, and small-cockpit prototypes where space is limited. This system is designed to meet the need for a cost-effective, plumbed-in system that is more effective than a handheld (or waiting for track safety personnel).

Lifeline Zero 2000 systems are constructed using only the finest materials and are supplied complete with all of the components required for a professional installation. This system, like all Lifeline systems, performed supremely well in engine fire tests, and thus has the full acceptance of the MSA.


Fire Marshal Systems are mechanical in operation being activated by strategically placed pull cables. The fire marshal valve is a high quality hand held commercial valve that has been modified by Lifeline to allow total discharge and fitting of pull cables.


  • Weight: 7.37 pounds
  • 6ft Pull Cable (x 2)
  • Zero 2000 Nozzle (All x 2)
  • 6mm Equal T Connector (x 1)
  • 6mm Tube (x 3m)
  • Pipe Clip (x 5)
  • Decal Pack

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