CMS Performance Five Way Adjustable Sway Bars for Porsche 981 Boxster-Cayman (2014+)
CMS Performance CMS Performance Five Way Adjustable Sway Bars for Porsche 981 Boxster-Cayman (2014+) from $995.00
Adjustable Sway Bar Kit for Porsche 981 Cayman & Boxster SEE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS HERE Through extensive research and track testing, CMS has engineered the perfect replacement sway bars for the Porsche 981 Cayman/Boxster (GT4/Spyder, GTS, S, or base model)1. Our engineers took hundreds of laps at racetracks from Road America to COTA, Mid Ohio to High Plains, along with thousands of miles on the street. All to confirm the CMS Performance Sway Bars transform the handling of the Porsche 981 while maintaining the car's everyday driveability and reliability. Tuned to work with your Porsche's OEM struts and springs (both standard and PASM), the CMS Sway Bars are the best handling improvement you can make to your 981. Based on the sway bars of the GT4, the CMS Performance Sway Bars have five holes of adjustment both front and rear, giving you an unprecedented range within which to tune your car's handling depending on the road or track you're tackling. Slightly larger than the OEM GT4 bars, they can be adjusted from slightly softer than stock to substantially stiffer. This lets you fine-tune handling balance from understeer to neutral to oversteer with simple hand tools. Included are OEM Porsche sway bar bushings, precision-machined for the slightly larger bars, giving you worry-free fitment, OEM quality, and a noise-free installation. CMS Performance Sway Bars are engineered and manufactured in the USA with drop-forged ends for high strength and performance. Original Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder drop links, both front and rear, work perfectly with CMS Performance Sway Bars; no need to replace them. Base, S, GTS models require CMS front drop links (choose from the options above). These are OEM Porsche front links customized to fit the CMS front sway bar. Your original rear drop links do not need to be replaced. FITMENT:   981 Boxster/Cayman all incl. GT4/Spyder (2012-2016) Manual  and PDK Transmission (includes spacers for rear fitment on PDK cars)     FEATURES: Diameters of 31.8mm (front) and 25.4mm (rear), 30% larger than the OEM 981 Cayman GT4 bars Adjustment of each bar goes from 1% softer than stock to 50% stiffer. Powder-coated Black, Red, Yellow, or Silver for long life and great looks Designed and manufactured in the USA using all US components Engineered specifically for the Porsche 981     KIT INCLUDES: Front and rear five-way-adjustable sway bars w/ forged ends OEM Porsche bushings custom-machined to our specifications Optional: OEM Porsche front drop link set, customized to our specification (required for Base, S, GTS)  
Porsche Alignment Camber Shims
Competition Motorsport Porsche Alignment Camber Shims from $9.00 $66.00
Anodized Aluminum Porsche GT3 Control Arm Shims For Porsche GT3 And Similar Two-Piece Lower Control Arms Precision laser-cut from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized for durability, these shims are used to adjust camber by changing length of your Porsche OEM or similarly configured lower control arm (such as these RSS units). Thickness in millimeters is silk screened on each shim for easy sorting. One degree of negative camber is approx. 10mm shim. AVAILABLE SIZES: 1 mm 3 mm 5 mm PACKAGE SAVINGS: Enthusiast (two of each shim) save 10% Racer (four of each shim) save 15% Team (eight of each shim) save 20% These fit all two-piece Porsche lower control arms (except 991 GT3/GT3RS rear, which use a different shim shape). Shims are priced individually (other than packages). They are typically used in pairs or in multiple-shim combinations. Also fits 981 and 718 Cayman models. CMS Performance shims are used on FRONT and REAR of any Porsche 986/987/996/997 fitted with two-piece lower control arms (commonly referred to as "GT3" control arms) and ONLY FRONT of 991s with two-piece lower control arms.