Porsche Alignment Camber Shims 1 "a"


Shim Thickness:

Porsche Alignment Camber Shims


Shim Thickness:

Anodized Aluminum Porsche GT3 Control Arm Shims

For Porsche GT3 And Similar Two-Piece Lower Control Arms

Precision laser-cut from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized for durability, these shims are used to adjust camber by changing length of your Porsche OEM or similarly configured lower control arm (such as these RSS units). Thickness in millimeters is silk screened on each shim for easy sorting.

One degree of negative camber is approx. 10mm shim.


  • 1 mm

  • 3 mm

  • 5 mm


  • Enthusiast (two of each shim) save 10%

  • Racer (four of each shim) save 15%

  • Team (eight of each shim) save 20%

These fit all two-piece Porsche lower control arms (except 991 GT3/GT3RS rear, which use a different shim shape). Shims are priced individually (other than packages). They are typically used in pairs or in multiple-shim combinations. Also fits 981 and 718 Cayman models.

CMS Performance shims are used on FRONT and REAR of any Porsche 986/987/996/997 fitted with two-piece lower control arms (commonly referred to as "GT3" control arms) and ONLY FRONT of 991s with two-piece lower control arms.

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