OMP ONE 2" Versa 6 Point Racing Harness 1 "a"



OMP ONE 2" Versa 6 Point Racing Harness




OMP ONE 2" Versa 6 Point Racing Harness

The Super-Light ONE Versa 6 point camlock harness from OMP is designed specifically for sedan drivers using a HANS device. Special lightweight adjusters and compact lap belt mounting hardware are used to keep weight to a minimum. Even the buckle tabs have been lightened. This Versa model is ideal for endurance racing.

The shoulder belts are 2" wide along the entire length for better alignment with a HANS device. Each shoulder strap has loops just above the adjusters for attaching radio cables, drink tubes, or rubber bands. The lap belts are 2" wide, and you get both a lap belt set with pull-up adjusters and a lap belt set with pull-down adjusters to suit all installations. The 2" sub straps also have pull-up adjusters for quick driver changes. The rotary camlock buckle is permanently attached to the sub belts by a rounded T-bar. No more sitting on the buckle when you get in the car! Hook-and-loop fasteners on the lap and shoulder belts can also be used to keep the belts out of the way during driver changes. A special detent prevents accidental buckle release.

The shoulder belts include 3-bar sliders for wrap-around mounting. The lap belts have lightweight carabiners sewn in for use with eyebolts (included). The anti-sub belts have snap-in end plates installed with 3-bar sliders for easy conversion to wrap-around mount. Includes 4 forged eyebolts with 7/16-20 UNF threads.

Available in Black or Red

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