AiM Sports ECU Bridge RS232- CAN Wiring 1 "a"


AiM Sports ECU Bridge RS232- CAN Wiring


AiM ECU Bridge with RS232 / CAN Wiring

Connecting to the ECU allows the AiM unit access to data collected by your ECU (RPM, road speed, coolant temperature, and throttle position are typical; many ECUs offer much more information). Works with these AiM displays with a male 5-pin CAN connector:

  • MXG
  • MXS
  • MSM
  • MXL & MXL Pro
  • G-Dash Display
  • Formula Car Wheel Display

SmartyCam requires the AiM 7-pin to 5-pin CAN Cable (Part No. MC-542, included with the SmartyCam).

The ECU Bridge also features a special port for a USB cable (included) for easy connection to your computer for setup. ECU Bridge is available with CAN/RS232 connection, for direct installation on aftermarket ECUs.

ECU Bridge and RPM Bridge are needed whenever engine data are to be visualized on a display or on a SmartyCam HD video, if no recording is required. ECU Bridge is used when the ECU transmits data via OBDII, CAN or RS232.

AiM has developed hundreds of different protocols to make compatibility with virtually any ECU possible, stock or aftermarket. ECU Bridge has to be properly configured with Race Studio 2 software to communicate with the different visors/cameras on one side and ECUs on the other side.


  • CAN protocol for external modules (visors or SmartyCam HD)
  • USB port for PC communication
  • External power 8/18 V

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