AiM Sports Karting Accelerator-Brake Pedal Position Sensor - Magnetic 1 "a"


Pedal Sensor Kit:

AiM Sports Karting Accelerator-Brake Pedal Position Sensor - Magnetic


Pedal Sensor Kit:

AiM Magnetic Pedal Position Sensor For MyChron5

The accelerator/brake pedal position sensors is a crucial support device for kart drivers. They provide a precise indication of timing and intensity of braking and/or acceleration. This permits the team to understand whether the driver has accelerated or braked at the right moment, with the correct pedal strength, across multiple laps and overlaid with other critical data.

This is a very important factor in evaluating driver behavior and improving his/her performance. Data can be acquired by your MyChron5 connected to a MyChron Expansion and analyzed on your PC.

Made in anodized aluminium, these sensors are very robust and water-resistant.

Calibration is immediate: once installed, connect the sensors to your MyChron Expansion and get pedal positions (in high position and zero position). After that the sensor will start getting acceleration or braking data.

Call us with any questions you have about the incredible new MyChron5 2T from AiM!

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