Chillout Systems 3" Carbon Fiber 90º Air Plenum 1 "a"


Chillout Systems 3" Carbon Fiber 90º Air Plenum


Chillout Systems Carbon Fiber Air Duct Plenum

Forcing fresh air to your cooler is the most efficient way to increase cooling performance and reduce amp draw from your electrical system. This plenum fits perfectly to the intake side of your Quantum Cooler, allowing much cooler air to be forced through the system via any three-inch duct (cooler, ducting, and intake scoop not included). A minimum Uber3 blower (sold separately) should be used in conjunction with the plenum in order to cool properly.

This carbon fiber plenum attaches via automotive-grade adhesive tape, creating a firm seal to keep the cooler pressurized with incoming cool air. This forces cool air all the way through the system and back out the exhaust side of the cooler, the most efficient way to reach maximum cooling capacity.

Coupling the Chillout Systems Air Duct Plenum with your Quantum Cooler ensures no cool air is wasted, maximizing the effectiveness of the system.


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