Chillout Systems 3" Neoprene Air Duct Hose 1 "a"



Chillout Systems 3" Neoprene Air Duct Hose



Chillout Systems Neoprene 3" Air Duct Hose is used to direct cooling air into a Chillout Systems cooler or take the coolers heated exhaust air and exit outside of the interior compartment. Flexible, pliable and structurally strong thanks to a coated spring-steel wire support helix that prevents it from collapsing the fiberglass fabric cover and fiberglass cord are both impregnated and coated with neoprene rubber.

Chillout Systems 3" Neoprene Air Duct Hose Details:

  • Manufacturer: Chillout Systems
  • Manufacturer part number 6 Foot: CH-ADH3i6
  • Manufacturer part number 12 Foot: CH-ADH3i12
  • Inside diameter: 3"
  • Temperature range: -45°F to 330°F

With a temperature range between -45 F to 330 F, this makes it ideal for most applications, most importantly bringing fresh/cool air to your Quantum Cooler. Also perfect for cockpit cooling and other low-pressure ducting applications where extreme heat can't be avoided. Under-hood applications such as connecting an air intake to an airbox, or an airbox to a throttle body are also great uses.

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