CMS Performance Roll Bar for Porsche GT3-GT3RS (992) 1 "a"


Powder Coat Color

CMS Performance Roll Bar for Porsche GT3-GT3RS (992)


Powder Coat Color

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CMS Performance Bolt-In Roll Bar for Porsche 992 GT3 & GT3RS


  • 992 Porsche GT3/GT3RS

The Best Roll Bar Available for Porsche's Track Animal

The CMS Performance 992 Roll Bar is the strongest, safest, and highest quality bolt-in roll bar on the market for your GT2RS, GT3 or GT3RS, period. In designing and building the CMS roll bar, safety and structural rigidity are our primary goals. That's why we fully TIG welded 1.75" Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel tubing instead of the less-expensive but inferior 4130 CrMo others use. It's why we use the strongest chassis mounting points and cross-brace the main hoop.

Attention to Detail at the Heart of Every CMS Performance Roll Bar

The CMS roll bar places your safety harness shoulder straps at the proper angle (0 to -20o) and distance (as close as possible) to the driver, regardless of seat position. Our use of thicker Docol tubing and main-hoop cross bracing gives you an unobstructed rear view and safety superior to that of other products we've seen for sale.

CMS rear kickers bolt to the 992's rear shock tower (where the factory racing roll cage mounts), the safest, strongest mounting points. This adds rigidity to the chassis and suspension. The main roll hoop is mounted to the steel frame structure beneath the vehicle just like the factory cage.

CMS Performance roll bars are 100% made in the USA

Built Like A Tank, Finished Like A Porsche

Full 360o TIG welding and professional powder-coating give CMS Performance roll bars unsurpassed structural integrity, fit, and finish. Offered in a full range of powder-coat colors to match your Porsche (including, of course, matte black if stealth is more your thing) all included in the price of the CMS roll bar.

Superior engineering, design, quality, safety, and appearance at an affordable price, backed by our legendary customer service all add up to this: you can pay a lot more for a roll bar, but you'll only get the best from CMS Performance.

Add Racing Harnesses To Complete Your Safety Upgrade

Add six-point Schroth Enduro 2x2 GT3, Schroth Flexi 2x2 GT3, or Sabelt Silver Series GT3, or four-point Schroth Profi II ASM GT3 harnesses to your order with our convenient pull-down menus above! These harnesses are specifically designed to bolt right up to your Porsche carbon lightweight bucket seats. (Porsche's passenger-side seat does not have a factory sub-strap pass through.)

If you're installing six-point harnesses in your Porsche, we strongly recommend adding the CMS Performance Sub Strap Mounts to your order. They provide a solid, properly located anchor for your antisubmarine straps and are easy to install.

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

CMS Performance 992 GT3/GT3RS Roll Bar Details:

  • Manufacturer: CMS Performance
  • Manufacturer part no.:  RB01-992
  • Materials: 1.75 x .095 Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel tubing; CNC-cut precision mounting plates; CNC-machined steel interlocking roll bar joints
  • Construction: full-penetration 360TIG welding throughout
  • Design features: one-piece main hoop; three-piece kickers; full seat travel with any seat
  • Installation hardware: American-made Grade 8 hardware included

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