Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Racing Seat 1 "a"



Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Racing Seat



Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Racing Seat

(Side Mounts Sold Separately)

The Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Seat is the most cost effective way to take advantage of Cobra's well earned reputation for safety and quality. The  Cobra Imola Pro-Fit makes no compromises in its construction and remains one of the strongest and lightest seats in its class.

The Cobra Pro-Fit range has Cobra's unique Spacer fabric which is FIA-compliant while adding to driver comfort and cooling. Like all Cobra competition seats, the Cobra Imola Pro-Fit is available in Standard and GT width to suit the widest range of drivers among seats on the market today. The low sides on the Cobra Imola Pro-Fit make it a great choice for dual duty track/street cars. As with all Cobra Seats, the Cobra Imola is fully HANS/FHR compatible.

The Diolen/GRP constructed shell makes this seat lighter and stronger than similar Fiberglass seats in the market place. All Cobra Pro-Fit seats come standard with a mid-height back and lower seat cushions, and have optional ultra low or higher cushion available so you can dial in driver comfort.

Recently redesigned with higher shoulder openings to allow taller drivers to use this seat.

Cobra Imola Pro Fit Seat - Standard Width Details:

Manufacturer: Cobra
Manufacturer part number: IMOLA-PF-STD
HANS®/FHR compatible
PRO-FIT custom padding system
4/5/6 point harness facility
Breathable & cooling spacer fabric
Color options black, red, blue, grey
Dual width options standard or GT (+30mm)
Side mounted only supplied with high tensile bolts


Cobra Imola Pro Fit Seat FEATURES:

  • HANS®/FHR compatible.
  • PRO-FIT custom padding system.
  • 4/5/6 point harness compatible.
  • Breathable & cooling Spacer fabric.
  • Dual width option: Standard or GT (+30mm).
  • Side-mount only1 (supplied with high tensile bolts).

Cobra Imola Pro Fit Seat SPECS:

  • FIA homologated to 8855-1999.
  • Composite Diolen®/GRP construction.
  • Weight: 15lbs. (Standard) / 17lbs. (GT).

Note 1: side mounts (pictured) are not included, available separately in dropdown above.

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