Ferodo FRP3083H DS2500 McLaren & Select AP Brake Pad 1 "a"


Ferodo FRP3083H DS2500 McLaren & Select AP Brake Pad


Ferodo FRP3083H DS2500 Compound

Ferodo FRP3083H in the DS2500 compound is one of the best street/track pads. No need to change to track pads and then to street pads every weekend. Now enjoy linear high-torque braking on the best of mountain rides and mild track days. 

Ferodo FRP3083 Details

  • Manufacturer: Ferodo
  • Manufacturer part number: FRP3083
  • Use: Dual purpose, street & track
  • Thickness of pad material and backing plate: 16.7mm

Ferodo FRP3083 Cross Reference:

  • AP Racing: CP6600D55
  • Endless: RCP100
  • Pagid: 4345

Ferodo FRP3083 Fitment:

  • 2018+ McLaren 600LT w/ Iron discs
  • 2015+ McLaren 570S w/ Iron discs
  • 2014-17 650S / Spyder w/ Iron discs
  • 2011-14 McLaren MP4-12C w/ Iron discs
  • AP Racing CP6600 D55
  • AP Racing CP9540 D55
  • AP Racing CP9541 D55
  • AP Racing CP9542 D55
  • AP Racing CP8530 D55
  • AP Racing CP8540 D55
  • AP Racing CP8560 D55

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