Forgeline GA3R Wheels (5 Lug) 1 "a"


Forgeline GA3R Wheels (5 Lug)


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After over 20 years of involvement with teams in virtually every sports car racing series in the world, Forgeline knows what it takes to produce a lightweight racing wheel that can withstand the fierce conditions of the sport. This knowledge has been applied to their latest and greatest, the best three-piece wheel that they have ever made: the GA3R.

Forgeline's signature I-Beamed Spoke technology reduces weight and adds strength and rigidity to the spokes of the wheel. The hidden titanium assembly hardware delivers a smooth, clean look, making wheel cleaning faster and easier. The design of the GA3R's center allows plenty of room for caliper clearance and extreme brake fitment. Forgeline employs a proprietary fast-drying, super-strength sealer that is highly resistant to leaks and allows for quick and easy repairs.

The Forgeline GA3R is truly designed for racing. Each wheel is engineered with a 2100-lb. load rating to ensure strength and integrity when subjected to the massive forces encountered on the stickiest race tires. It is the only wheel actually warranted for use in racing applications!

The GA3R is produced using Forgeline's traditional forging method, milled from a 6061-T6 aluminum billet with heat-treated rim shells. Like any Forgeline wheel, the GA3R is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including center lock applications. It is available in 17-, 18-, 19-, and 20-inch sizes in virtually any width and offset.


  • Extremely Lightweight and Very Strong
  • Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Three-Piece Competition Wheel
  • Stepped-Lip Design
  • I-Beamed Spoke Technology
  • Hidden, Lightweight Titanium Fasteners
  • Generous Brake Clearance
  • Heat-Treated Rim Shells
  • 2100-lb. Street-Tire Load Rating
  • Warranted for Racing
  • Unlimited Customizable Fitment and Finish Options
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