Girodisc McLaren 720S Brake Pads (Front) 1 "a"


Girodisc McLaren 720S Brake Pads (Front)


Girodisc McLaren 720S Brake Pads (Front)

These all-new Girodisc brake pads are designed specifically for use with the Girodisc A1-206 rotor conversion kit for the McLaren 720S. These specially-designed pads are available in two excellent breakthrough compounds: Endurance and Sprint.

The Endurance compound is the longest-lasting pad on the market right now, currently dominating the paddock at Le Mans and most other endurance events. The Sprint compound sacrifices approximately 30% in longevity for an increase of about 30% in bite. Which compound is right for you depends on what you re trying to get out of your 720S. It's worth mentioning that the Sprint compound still lasts longer than most endurance compounds offered by other racing brake manufacturers.

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