IPD Competition Plenum Porsche 981 Boxster S-Cayman S (3.4L) 1 "a"


Throttle Body

IPD Competition Plenum Porsche 981 Boxster S-Cayman S (3.4L)


Throttle Body

IPD Competition Plenum for Porsche 981 S (3.4L)

This plenum requires a Bosch 82mm throttle body, which can be added to your order above for only $225 (save $100).

The product of an extensive R&D program, IPD's 82mm Competition Plenum delivers excellent performance and value. The Competition Plenum upgrades the factory 74mm throttle body to the larger 997 GT3 82mm throttle body. This combination has proven to be the most popular and deliver even more performance.

Porsche made a few upgrades to the 981 intake versus the 987; most notably, the 981 draws outside air from both driver- and passenger-side air intakes instead of the driver-side only. IPD developed a custom silicone hose designed to perfectly fit the larger 82mm TB and considerably improve air flow.

Their 981 plenum also benefits from the internal dimpling effect they've implemented on all plenums. This internal dimpling allows IPD to control the boundary layer and maximize air flow within the plenum. Just like a dimpled golf ball travels farther, controlled turbulent air creates less friction and "tumbles" over a given area more efficiently.

Power gains with the IPD 981 Competition Plenum are +20 HP and +16 lbs-ft. of torque at the wheels. The bulk of the power gains from the IPD plenum begin at 4000 RPM, become fully realized at 6000 RPM, and continue all the way to redline. IPD performance gains stay above factory power and torque curves throughout the entire rev range.

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