Lifeline Service & Recertify Novec 1230 Bottle 1 "a"



Lifeline Service & Recertify Novec 1230 Bottle



Lifeline Novec Bottle Service & Recertify

This is a complete Lifeline Novec 1230 Mechanical or Electrical Bottle Service and Recertify. This service is used when a bottle has not been discharged, is 100% full of agent and the pressure gage reads full.

We empty, clean, inspect, test, and re-fill with your Novec 1230 agent. Our trained team member will then service to the correct pressure with dry nitrogen and install a new LifeLine service decal with current date. This price is all-in and includes ground shipping back to you.

LifeLine Novec Bottle Service & Recertify Notes:
  • Please DO NOT fire the system if it has not already been fired
  • Bottles that are 10 years of age or older cannot be serviced
  • Bottles that are 4 years past the label service date can no longer be charged
  • Contact us PRIOR to sending your unit in order to get your order number
  • Pay now or later? Later. Please do not pay for the bottle before shipping us your bottle. We will contact you after we receive and inspect your bottle.

Lifeline Novec 1230 Fire Bottle Service & Recertify is required for Lifeline fire systems every two years. We provide factory-trained recharging services to ensure the utmost safety in your car's Lifeline fire-suppression system.

Basic service includes checking all parts for wear and age issues, flushing the bottle, refilling with your Novec agent, repressurising, and relabeling.

Recharged systems cannot be shipped via expedited air shipping services - return via UPS Ground service is required.

Shipping your bottle to DiscoveryParts:

  1. Create an account at including your billing and shipping address (if different)
  2. If you need help with step 1, call Discovery Parts @ 706-344-1235
  3. Ship your bottle, insured with tracking to:

DiscoveryParts-SPA Recharge
20 Duck Thurmond Road
Unit B-2
Dawsonville, GA 30534

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