OMP HTE-R Racing Seat (Reg or XL) 1 "a"



OMP HTE-R Racing Seat (Reg or XL)




OMP Racing Seats HTE-R

SIZES: Regular or XL

The OMP Racing Seats HTE-R is used in pro and amateur racing series all around the world because drivers prefer its protective, halo-style design and uncommonly comfortable construction. Based on a lightweight, gel-coated fiberglass shell, the Airtex material on the upholstered surfaces allows for exceptional breathability under high-temperature conditions.

OMP HTE-R seats have removable base- and back-cushions with an ergonomic, split-leg bottom cushion. They are designed to work comfortably with any HANS device and harnesses. High side-bolsters provide excellent lateral leg support and the seats are side-mount (W fixing) for supreme safety.

The XL version is 20mm wider, 20mm deeper (front to back), and 40mm taller than the Regular HTE-R.



  • FIA Homologation 8855-1999
  • SHELL: Fiberglass
  • MOUNTING: W (side)
  • HOLES: 5
  • WEIGHT: 9.4-10.5 kg (20.7-23.1 lbs.)
  • HANS compatible

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