Roux R-1F Fiberglass Loaded SA2020 Helmet 1 "a"



Roux R-1F Fiberglass Loaded SA2020 Helmet



Roux R-1F Fiberglass SA2020 Helmet

Roux R-1 Fiberglass SA2020 helmet is Roux's entry-level R-1- series helmet featuring a lightweight Fiberglass shell that is Snell SA2020 rated. Despite the value-oriented price, the R-1 fiberglass still comes fully equipped with an integrated drink tube and radio gear, complete with noise-cancelling microphone and speaker pods.

Roux R-1 Fiberglass SA2020 Helmet details:

  • Manufacturer: Roux
  • Manufacturer part number: RXHR1F-20F55
  • Rating: Snell SA2020
  • Rating: FIA 8859-2010
  • Matt Black Sizes: Small - 3X-Large
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Shell Material: Fiberglass
  • Hans post anchors included: Yes
  • Shield on the helmet: Clear
  • Fit Pads: Not included, only with Composite and Carbon Roux helmets
  • Integrated radio communications, IMSA on left side (adaptable to others protocols)
  • Hydration drinking tube on left
  • Internal Patent pending helmet release system
  • Cool-X Helmet Cooling: No
  • Helmet runs small

The Release emergency helmet system allows for the safe removal of the helmet in the event of an accident, preventing spinal or head injuries.

Roux R-1 Fiberglass Electronics:

Included and installed speaker pods and noise-cancelling flex boom microphone, IMSA plug standard on drivers left side. Adapter cables are available to convert to Nascar, Peltor, Chatterbox and more.

Roux R-1 Fiberglass Hydration System:

Included and installed driver hydration system including a dry-break fitting on the drivers right side.

Roux R-1 Fiberglass Emergency Release System:

We have seen many great helmet release systems, but they need to be added after the helmet is built. The Eject System and Stand 21's Lid Lifter have been the most popular (actually Eject Wins by a little), but your Roux R-1 helmet has a built in Emergency Release System, to reduce neck loads upon removal of your helmet if needed.

How to find the correct size for your new Roux helmet

Roux R-1 Fiberglass SA2020 Helmet sizing chart:

Roux R-1 Helmet Size Chart


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