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Sabelt Custom Superlight TS-10 Driver Race Suit


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Sabelt Custom Superlight TS-10 Driver Race Suit

If you've ever wanted a fully customized race suit tailored to your body and designed specifically for you in every way, Sabelt has the solution for you!

The Sabelt Superlight TS-10 is unquestionably the lightest race suit on the market, weighing in at only 265 g/m² while still meeting the latest FIA 8856-2018 homologation for unsurpassed driver safety. The custom version of this suit can be tailored to your specific needs, including choosing from a wide array of colors. You can select Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors in addition to selecting thread colors (if desired). You'll have the ability to add custom logos, manufacturer logos, series logos and more.

Whether you drive in IMSA, WEC, Ferrari Challenge, etc., we've made race suits for drivers of all levels campaigning in the these and many other racing series.We already know which series logos need to be placed in what locations for series compliance, guaranteeing your customization options are hassle-free.

Perhaps you don't run in a pro or semi-pro series and you simply want a race suit specifically tailored to fit your body (and to match your livery) perfectly. We can make that happen, too; without the need for series compliance, the door is wide open to have your race suit made whatever ways suit your desires.

Suit production and delivery typically ranges from 3-4 weeks. Once in production, custom suit orders can't be canceled, changed, or refunded.


  • Name on race suit
  • Country flag on race suit
  • Belt on race suit
  • Fit (slim or regular)
  • Cooling shirt tube pass-through (none, left, or right)
  • Bootcut or standard cuff
  • Pockets (none, normal, and/or cellphone)
  • Logos printed or embroidered


  • FIA8856-2018 approved
  • Fabric weight 265 g/m²
  • Full floating sleeves
  • Large stretch panel in lumbar and hips
  • Driver cooling tube pass-through on left hip
  • Cellphone pocket on front right thigh
  • Pre-curved arms


The standard price includes basic customization, colors and patterns. Once you place your order, a custom suit specialist from Discovery Parts will reach out to you to ensure your specific needs are met. You'll be sent a measurement chart and we'll confirm color options, series compliance, logos, and other details.

You will be able to submit photos of your livery, examples of suits similar to what you want, and anything else that will help us create the artwork for your custom suit. A proof will be sent to you for revisions and/or approval, typically within two to three business days. Once design, colors, sizing, etc. is approved, the final cost of your custom suit will be sent to you in a supplemental invoice. (Factors affecting cost include number of logos,  complexity of design, custom colors, etc.)

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