SPA AFFF Discharge Nozzle 6mm 1 "a"


SPA AFFF Discharge Nozzle 6mm


SPA Technique AFFF Discharge Nozzle - 6mm

SPA Technique Discharge Nozzle for 6mm Decabon tubing used with SPA fire systems. If you need a replacement SPA fire system discharge nozzle, this is the part.

Can I run this SPA Technique Discharge Nozzle with my aluminum line from another manufacturer? You can't. SPA Technique Decabon tubing and fittings are unique unto themselves and are not interchangeable with other manufacturers.

Should I add more SPA Technique Discharge Nozzles to my system than it originally came with? You shouldn't. SPA Technique designs each fire system with a precise number of nozzles accounting for the amount of fire suppressant in the fire bottle. Adding nozzles may leave you with too little suppressing agent where you need it most.

SPA AFFF Discharge Nozzle 6mm Details:

  • Manufacturer: SPA Technique
  • Manufacturer part number: SP-030
  • Trade name: Discharge Nozzle
  • Usage: replacing a lost or damaged SPA Discharge Nozzle

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