SPA Extreme Novec SFI Spare Fire Bottle 5lb 1 "a"


SPA Extreme Novec SFI Spare Fire Bottle 5lb


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Spa Extreme Novec SFI 17.1 Fire System 5lb Spare Bottle

SPA Technique Extreme Novec 1230 5LB SFI 17.1 certified spare bottle is a complete, ready-to-install, filled and charged 5-lbs. aluminum spare bottle with a mechanical lever valve.

SPA Extreme Novec SFI 17.1 Spare Bottle 5lb Details:

  • Manufacturer: SPA Technique
  • Manufacturer part number: EX-SFI5-B
  • Certification: SFI 17.1
  • Agent: Novec 1230
  • Toxic: No
  • Conductive: No
  • Clean-up required: No
  • Bottle height: 13.75"
  • Bottle diameter: 4.25"


3M Novec 1230 is not only safer for drivers and crew, but also safer for the environment. It's also non-conductive (i.e., safe for electronics) and leaves no residue to clean up.

SPA Technique fire systems are the perfect choice for drivers that want the best in SFI 17.1 certified fire safety.

This pressurized fire bottle can only be shipped via Ground.

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