Sparco Rib Pro K7 Kart Racing Rib Protector 1 "a"


Sparco Rib Pro K7 Kart Racing Rib Protector


Sparco Rib Pro K7 Rib Protector

The Rib Pro K7 rib protector adds protection and padding without adding bulk. It features hand laminated fiberglass composite shell with Sparco Impact Technology. The Sparco Impact Technology combines proprietary 4mm EPDM material (a weather- and UV-resistant synthetic rubber) with 6mm poluyurethane foam that wraps the body and provides incredible performance in terms of anti-vibration and shock absorption. The Rib Pro K7 features adjustable shoulder straps to ensure and maintain correct placement.


  • Sparco Impact Technology

  • Anti-vibration and shock absorption technology

  • Lightweight hand-laid fiberglass composite shell

  • Adjustable shoulder straps

  • Sizes XS-XXL

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