Steering Wheel Quick Releases | Race Car Steering Quick Releases

Quick Releases

Steering Wheel Quick Release allows speedy one step removal of your steering wheel for a faster, safer exit from the car - in the pits or in an emergency.

Sparco Steering Wheel Quick Release - Sedan Bolt-On Style Black
This Sparco steering wheel quick release easily bolts between your 6 bolt hub adapter and steering wheel. Race car steering wheel quick release install is that easy. This makes getting out of your head-containment seat much easier. In the pits or in an emergency.
NRG Quick Release - Black Body/Black Carbon Fiber Ring
NRG Innovation Gen 2.0 Carbon Fiber 2.0 Quick Release features many options that conventional ball-locking quick release system do not offer. The Generation 2.0 is specially engineered with raised sections to prevent the scratching and stretching of the hub while a self locking feature adds increased safety and functionality. 
Lifeline Touring Car Electric 8 Pin Pre-wired Steering Quick Release
The Lifeline 410-200-003 is a bolt-on, classic design steering wheel quick release that incorporates a built-in 8 pin electrical connector. If your new race, street, or show car has paddle shifts, launch control, traction limiters, variable ABS or other cockpit driver controls, the Lifeline 8 pin pre-wired steering wheel quick release.