Schuberth SP1 Carbon Fiber SA2020 Helmet Left Side image
Schuberth Schuberth SP1 Carbon Fiber SA2020 Helmet $1,949.00
Schuberth SP1 Carbon Helmet SNELL SA2020 & FIA 8859-2015 With nearly 100 years dedicated to developing head protection solutions -- and 20 years of providing the most technologically advanced helmets to top drivers in F1, IndyCar and other top series -- Schuberth presents its first motorsport helmet with both FIA 8859-2015 and SNELL SA2020 certifications: the SP1 Carbon. SCHUBERTH SP1 CARBON FIBER HELMET AERODYNAMICS & VENTILATION The SP1 Carbon was developed with extensive wind tunnel testing to achieve ideal aerodynamics and optimum air flow. It offers a perfect aerodynamic balance that can be customized with various spoilers and ventilation scoops to meet the requirements of every type of racing. With 12 ventilation channels across the SP1's shell, optimum circulation is achieved through aerodynamic design and air flow channels built into the EPS (interior padding), providing the ideal flow for intake of cool air and exhaust of hot air. SCHUBERTH SP1 CARBON FIBER HELMET IS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM READY Channels in the cheek pads allow for easy installation of radio communications. A full selection of plug & play integrated electronics are available as options. From comfortable ear cup speakers to a 3.5mm jack for your ear buds -- or a system with both! -- you can choose a mic integrated into your chin pad or a boom mic. Schuberth helmet communications options make it easy to seamlessly integrate your race comms. SCHUBERTH SP1 CARBON FIBER HELMET FULL CARBON SHELL & 3MM VISOR Every SP1 Carbon helmet is produced in Schuberth's own factory in Italy, by the same hands that produce the masterpiece SF3 FIA 8860-2018 ABP helmets used by many F1 drivers. The SP1 uses an exclusive, autoclave-cured carbon fiber shell handcrafted to create a unique helmet combining light weight, solid construction and superior safety in an iconic design. The SP1's 3D Injected visor is directly derived from their F1 expertise, offering 12 hues ranging from transparent to dark with several mirroring and multi-layered coating options. All standard visors are Pinlock 120 lens equipped for optimum fog resistant performance. External tear-off buttons are also installed. AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES FOR THE SCHUBERTH SP1 CARBON FIBER HELMET Schuberth SP1 Top Air Schuberth SP1 Individual Vent Scoops Schuberth SP1 Visors Schuberth SP1 Scoops Shuberth SP1 Helmet Bag Schuberth SP1 Visor Pouch SCHUBERTH SP1 CARBON FIBER HELMET WEIGHT Small shell (XS, S, M, L): 3.0 lb (1.36 kg) Large shell (L+, XL, XXL): 3.2 lb (1.46 kg)