Bell GP.3 Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020 1 "a"


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Bell GP.3 Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020


Helmet Size

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Bell GP.3 Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020

The Bell GP.3 Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020 is ideal for open-environment racers who need maximum ventilation and clear vision in complex racing environments. This helmet has traditional F1 styling, an ultra-lightweight Carbon shell, and a dynamic air intake system for cutting-edge aerodynamic performance. The Bell GP.3 Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020 is a top pick for formula, kart, and all types of open wheel racers who value comfort, performance, and professional-level features. This helmet now has improved shield integration, a rubber gasket seal, manual lever closable air vents, and a double-screen, anti-fog (DSAF) visor to accommodate any tough race in the elements.


  • Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015 homologation.
  • Includes clear SE03 3MM DSAF shield (SV SE03/05 Pivot System) with DSAF anti-fog insert.
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon shell with improved shell strength from high-pressure molding.
  • Direct-flow chin vents and manual air intakes provide exceptional ventilation.
  • Chin bar Gurney (duckbill) improves aerodynamic performance.
  • Ambient noise reduction options with ear cup configuration.
  • Hollow synthetic rubber gasket seals out water, dust, and dirt.
  • Multi-piece, multi-density high-impact custom bead absorbing liner for low- and high-velocity impact protection.
  • Integrated drinking tube systems and integrated channels for optional radio microphone systems.
  • Ultra-plush grey Comfort-Max FR¬ interior fabric improves moisture wicking.
  • Contoured cheek pads for professional fit.
  • Includes M6 HANS-device hardware and hex wrench.

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