Coolshirt Evolution Shirt
Coolshirt Coolshirt Evolution Shirt $241.00
Coolshirt Evolution Shirt Featuring double the tubing of their standard shirt for more cooling, the new Coolshirt Evolution driver cooling shirt takes advantage of their race-tested tubing and sewing methods. The new cotton Evolution shirt is just as comfortable, rugged and easy-to-use as the shirts that Coolshirt started the driver-cooling industry with. The new Evolution shirt is compatible with all Coolshirt cooling systems and accessories -- just plug in and cool off! If you've ever wanted more cooling, the Evolution series is perfect for you. FEATURES: Double the tubing of standard Coolshirt CoolWater shirts Won’t shrink, pick or fade Extra length Clean seams for increased comfort Machine wash, machine dry
Chillout Systems Club Series Cooling Shirt
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems Club Series Cooling Shirt $189.00
Chillout Systems Club Series Cooling Shirt   The goal with the Club Series cooling shirt is to provide drivers with most comfortable driver cooling shirt on the market, maintaining safety and comfort at an affordable price. Chillout nailed it! The Club Series is an entry level cooling shirt, but don't let that fool you. It's made from dual layers of soft stretch cotton concealing a strategically structured layer of thermal conductive cooling veins that target the most vital region of the body – the core.  They are designed to work with Chillout's incredible refrigerant-based Quantum Cooling system but work equally well with icewater-based systems like Coolshirt or F.A.S.T.  The Club Series shirt has cooling efficiency similar to other brands, but in a high-quality, custom designed shirt with the cooling veins hidden between two ultra thin layers of stretch fabric. The stretch fabric is crucial to holding the cooling veins close to the body where heat exchange takes place. With cooling veins constructed of a matte fire-resistant, self-extinguishing compound developed by the US military, this cooling shirt is rugged and durable, perfect for racing, HPDE, or test days..  Featuring dry-release hose connectors, spillage isn’t an issue because the fluid stops when disconnected. ADD CONNECTORS For maximum adaptability, Chillout shirts do not come with connectors. Choose the Chillout Dual Prong connector to connect to a Chillout Systems Quantum Cooler. You can purchase Coolshirt male connectors (sold separately) to hook up to your Coolshirt cooler.    
Coolshirt Cool Water Shirts
Coolshirt Coolshirt Cool Water Shirts from $167.00
Coolshirt Cool Water Shirt The Coolshirt Cool Water shirt paired with a Coolshirt Club System or MobileCool Bag System (sold separately) circulates cooled water over the driver’s torso, keeping them comfortable and focused on the race track! The Coolshirt Cool Water shirt connects to any cooling system with a quick-disconnect insulated hose. Advanced moisture-wicking properties, antimicrobial protection, and “clean seam” tubing sewn into the interior of the Coolshirt Cool Water shirt keeps the driver cool, dry, and comfortable. The patented non-kink tubing helps ensure consistent, continual cooling. All Coolshirt Cool Water shirts are easy-care with no special laundering needed. Just machine wash and hang to dry. Won’t pick, fade, or shrink. Cool Water shirt is available in black or white.
Maglock Air Kit
FluidLogic Maglock Air Kit $119.95
Maglock Air Kit **Maglock Air hose NOT included** Connection Perfection for forced air helmets. Universal helmet & air hose fitment from the high G's at Indianapolis to the weekend on/offroad racer, MagLock® holds strong. No more duct tape or zip ties, MagLock® technology creates an air-tight seal with 20lbs of force that will only let go when you need it to. Lightweight nylon-infused ABS construction stands up to the rigors of motorsports and recreation.  Designed in California, food safe, fire resistant, and features patented technology.
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Coolshirt Drag Pack Complete Drag Racing System
Coolshirt Coolshirt Drag Pack Complete Drag Racing System $1,006.00
Coolshirt Drag Pack Cooling System The Coolshirt Drag Pack complete system helps drag racers go straight as fast as possible! Designed specifically for drag racers, this complete kit comes with the Drag Pack ice-based cooler system, a Driver Cooling Vest, an eight-foot insulated hose, and a seven hour lithium-ion battery with charger. The Driver Cooling Vest helps stabilize body temperature and is deal for drivers with limited space or short-duration races. Many drag racers use this system to stay comfortable during staging, and then disconnect quickly at start time. Others leave them running the whole time. Either way, the improvement in driver comfort and focus is night and day! Research shows that driver reaction times alone can increase by as much as 20% with only a 2% loss in hydration. The Drag Pack system covers 30-40% of the body with cold water circulating through tubing designed to dissipate heat away from the body, cooling your core and dramatically lowering dehydration. In terms of body temperature, cooler is faster! The Drag Pack system comes with emergency pull release standard, facilitating quick driver extraction in an emergency. SYSTEM INCLUDES MobileCool 1 (6qt) or MobileCool 2 (12qt) cooler Driver Cooling Vest (size S to XXL) Eight-foot insulated water hose with emergency-pull releases Lithium-ion battery with seven-hour charger Two Endurance Ice packs
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Coolshirt Dry-Cool Air Cooler (Add-On)
Coolshirt Coolshirt Dry-Cool Air Cooler (Add-On) $746.00
Coolshirt Dry-Cool Air Cooler The Coolshirt Dry-Cool Air System is an add-on component that can be installed in series to any water-cooled system (such as the Club System, MobileCool bags, Drag Pack, etc.) to provide cool air to the driver's helmet. Using an independent fan system to draw outside air through an aluminum heat-exchanger, the 235 CFM fan provides hours of cool air when needed. Add an optional FC-2 Dual-Temperature Controller to control both fan speed and cooling system water pump speed. This lets you tailor cooling to the environment, whether you're waiting on the grid or racing full-tilt on a hot day!
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Coolshirt HotHead System
Coolshirt Coolshirt HotHead System from $536.00
Coolshirt HotHead System The HotHead System is designed with the budget-conscious racer in mind. The HotHead provides head cooling for those who want a small, lightweight system and don't need body cooling. The kit includes a Coolshirt Kart Bag powered by 12V hookup (or choose the optional 7.2V lithium-ion rechargeable battery kit), a four-foot water supply hose with safety-pull release fittings, and a Coolshirt Cool-A-Clava under-helmet cooling garment. It's perfect for open wheel racing, legend cars, HPDE participants, and sports car racers who want cooling but don't want to add much weight or amp draw to their vehicle. SPECIFICATIONS Bag dimensions: 4” x 7” x 7.5” Race-ready weight: 6.5 lbs (3.0 kg) Amp draw: < 3A INCLUDED IN THE SYSTEM Coolshirt Kart Bag with 12V hard-wire standard (lithium-ion battery optional) Four-foot water hose Coolshirt Cool-A-Clava Endurance Ice cooling packs
CoolShirt 13 or 19 Qt Pro Air & Water Cooler
Coolshirt CoolShirt 13 or 19 Qt Pro Air & Water Cooler from $523.00
Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System The Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System can be used with any Coolshirt cooling garment. It effectively sends temperature-controlled cooling water through the garment along with blower-enhanced, cooled, HEPA-4 filtered air to your helmet. The Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System can be used with Coolshirt products like the CoolWater Shirt or 2Cool Water FR SFI 3.3 Shirt. The Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System provides 300 watts (1,023 BTU) of continuous cooling per hour. Its 235 CFM blower and 13- or 19-quart cooler unit (with internal pump) deliver temperature-controlled cool water to your Coolshirt and chilled air to your helmet. You can independently regulate the temperature and flow of air and water with the included FC-2 Dual Temperature Control Switch, fine-tuning the temperature to your ideal comfort level. Twelve feet of double-insulated water hose, complete with quick disconnects and an automatic shutoff, attach the shirt to the unit. Emergency pull releases are standard on all water hose connections, so if you have to exit the vehicle in a hurry your Coolshirt will automatically unplug from your cooler. SYSTEM DIMENSIONS: 13-quart: 6 lbs, 14" x 11" x 9.5" 19-quart: 7 lbs, 15.5" x 13" x 10.5" Coolshirt garment sold separately.
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Coolshirt Club Bag Portable Cooler
Coolshirt Coolshirt Club Bag Portable Cooler from $447.00
Coolshirt Club Bag Portable Cooling System The Coolshirt Club Bag is designed for the weight-conscious racer who wants a cooling solution without having to permanently mount a hard cooler system in the car. It's designed to utilize two Endurance Ice packets to provide a great, easy cooling solution without the hassle of permanently mounting the system. The Club Bag can be can be wired into the car's 12V system or powered by an optional rechargeable 7.4V lithium-ion battery kit. This system is perfect for the club racer who needs to keep cool during sprint races or for the track-day enthusiast who can't mount a hard cooler. Weighing only two pounds and measuring 8" x 7" x 10", it fits in tight spaces that a regular cooling system won't!
Coolshirt FC-2 Dual Water-Air Temperature Controller
Coolshirt Coolshirt FC-2 Dual Water-Air Temperature Controller $352.00
Coolshirt FC-2 Dual Water/Air Controller The Coolshirt FC-2 dual water temperature/air flow control unit is specially designed to allow individual speed control of the internal cooling fluid pump in your Coolshirt Club System or Bag System as well as fan speed of the optional BF-135 or BF-235 blower (as in your Coolshirt Dry-Cool system).
Image of Chillout Systems UBER3 3
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems UBER3 3" 275 CFM Blower $599.00
Chillout Systems Uber3 3" 250 CFM Blower Chillout Systems UBER3 blower fan is a hi-performance, ultra small, ultra lightweight blower with self-resetting overload protection. With 275 CFM of air moving at a scant 5.8A at 13.8VDC, the UBER3 is the highest performing blower in its class with multiple applications. ChillOut Uber3 3" 275 CFM Blower Details: Manufacturer: ChillOut Systems Manufacturer part number: B-250 CFM: 275 Voltage: 13.8 VDC Amperage: 5.8 A Lead Wire length: 8.5" Dimensions: 3.25" x 5.25" Weight: 10.2 oz Overload Protection: Trips @ 15A in 10 milliseconds or less; Self-resets after 5-second delay The most common uses we have seen for the UBER3 are to assist in remote cooling of Chillout coolers, driver top and side air helmet air systems, and brake ducting when a small brake duct footprint is required.
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Coolshirt MobileCool Portable Bag Cooler
Coolshirt Coolshirt MobileCool Portable Bag Cooler from $325.00
Coolshirt MobileCool Portable Bag Cooler Developed for use in all types of racing, the Coolshirt MobileCool Portable Bag Cooler provides a driver with a full cooling alternative for race cars that have limited space or no place to mount a standard hard cooler. The MobileCool is especially convenient for road racers and track-day enthusiasts with more than one car; it's easily moved from car to car as needed. Drag racers are also discovering its versatility (the MobileCool is the basis of the Coolshirt Drag Pack System), and it has also become very popular with driving-school instructors as it can be powered by a cigarette lighter adapter and easily moved.  The cooler comes in two capacities, 6-quart and 12-quart, and can be powered by the car's 12V system or the optional rechargeable 7.4V lithium battery for true portability.  It provides the same superior cooling as Coolshirt's legendary fixed-cooler systems. It keeps drivers cool and mentally alert right through their final laps, when heat fatigue and dehydration are at their worst.
Coolshirt Club Cooler (Cooler and Pump Only)
Coolshirt Coolshirt Club Cooler (Cooler and Pump Only) from $310.00
Coolshirt Club Cooler The compact Coolshirt Club Cooler is designed for those racing applications that have space for a fixed-mounted cooler for longer races. Perfect for road racing, circle track, drags and many other racing types, it's a favorite among NASA, SCCA, and PCA drivers! The Club Cooler keeps you cool and alert so you feel your best in the waning laps of a race, when heat is a big factor in fatigue and loss of focus. Plus, you can stay cool waiting in the pits or on the grid. The Coolshirt Club Cooler comes as a 13- or 19-quart cooling unit with an internal water pump that supplies cooled water to your Coolshirt garment (sold separately) through double-insulated hose (also sold separately) with automatic shutoff quick-disconnects. Add an optional FC-1 Temperature Controller for complete control over your cooling comfort in the race car. COOLER DIMENSIONS 13-quart: 3 lbs, 14" x 11" x 9.5" 19-quart: 4 lbs, 15.5" x 13" x 10.5"
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Coolshirt FC-1 Water Temperature Controller
Coolshirt Coolshirt FC-1 Water Temperature Controller $258.00
Coolshirt FC-1 Water Temperature Controller The FC-1 water temperature controller is specially designed to allow variable-speed control of the internal fluid pump in popular Coolshirt cooling products like the Club System, MobileCool, Kart Bag, etc.
Coolshirt Air Blower System
Coolshirt Coolshirt Air Blower System $253.00
Coolshirt Air Blower System The Coolshirt Air Blower system is the most economical way to get fresh, filtered air to the driver for relief from that hot helmet. It's designed to attach to the driver's helmet intake and comes complete with a 235 CFM blower motor, a clear air hose, and a HEPA-4 air filter to ensure the driver's air is clean and virtually particle-free, down to 4 microns. Breathe fresh, clean air using a Coolshirt Air Blower system! The system includes three feet of 3" diameter inlet hose (to the blower), four feet of 1-1/2" diameter outlet hose (from the blower to the helmet), a 12V 235 CFM blower, and a HEPA-4 air filter. Requires a ported helmet (sold separately). The blower measures 5 3/4" long overall and draws 4.3 amps.