IPD Intake Plenum Porsche 997.1 Turbo (74mm TB) 1 "a"


IPD Intake Plenum Porsche 997.1 Turbo (74mm TB)


IPD Intake Plenum for Porsche 997.1 Turbo

Designed for the 74mm throttle body to maximize performance and durability!

FITS: Porsche Carrera Turbo (2007-2009)

In 2007, the incredible 997 Porsche Turbo was the most revolutionary and capable Porsche Turbo to ever come out of Germany. This already-explosive power can be further increased with the 997.1 Turbo IPD Intake Plenum.

The patented IPD Plenum design unlocks power and torque increases over factory power curves from launch to redline. Maximum power increases take place in the midrange where they're most needed and most critical. The 997 Turbo ECU requires an adaptation period through either a series of hard pulls on the dyno or 10 to 50 miles of hard driving (on a closed-circuit or race track).

Turbo customers looking to increase engine power and torque without pushing the motorsport envelope to redline would best benefit from the 74mm IPD Turbo Plenum. This version of the plenum uses the factory 74mm throttle body and delivers impressive performance gains for both stock and slightly modified Turbos with exhaust and software. To push beyond these performance mods, we recommend upgrading to the larger IPD Intake Plenum for 82mm Throttle Body .

Add IPD's extraordinary high-flowing 997.1 Turbo Y-Pipe for even more dramatic increases in horsepower and torque. This IPD Plenum and Y-Pipe are designed to work perfectly together.

We recommend installation of this IPD Plenum be performed by a qualified and trained Porsche technician.

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