Schroth Clubman 2x2 6 Point Racing Harness 1 "a"


Schroth Clubman 2x2 6 Point Racing Harness


Schroth Clubman 2x2 6 Point Racing Harness

Schroth's Clubman has one aim: to provide a superior harness for people needing a lower-cost belt.

The Clubman features Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) specific 2” shoulder belts, 2" Clubman pull up lap belts, and a T-bar non adjustable sub strap. Shoulders and sub strap hardware is wrapped in.

The FHR specific shoulder belts are designed to make FHR use safer and more comfortable. The full 2" shoulder webbing fits perfecting on a FHR device, creating optimal force distribution on the surface of the device.


The adjusters on the Clubman belt are heavier and not as easy to use. They are, however, cheaper and bring down the overall cost of the harness. In addition the sub strap does not have adjusters and the lap hardware is not interchangeable.

Only available with snap-in, pull-up lap belts. Laps are not reversible like they are on the Flexi 2x2.


  • 2” shoulder belts
  • 2” Profi pull-up lap belts with sewn-in snap-in hardware
  • T-bar sub non-adjustable strap
  • Rotary cam lock

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