Sparco Steering Wheel Quick-Release
Sparco Sparco Steering Wheel Quick-Release $349.00
Sparco Steering Wheel Quick-Release This Sparco steering wheel quick release easily bolts between your 6 bolt hub adapter and steering wheel. Race car steering wheel quick release install is that easy. This makes getting out of your head-containment seat much easier. In the pits or in an emergency.Sparco Steering Wheel Quick Release Details: Manufacturer: Sparco Manufacturer part number: 015R98TU Color: Black Steering Wheel Side: 6 Bolts Steering Hub Adapter Side: 6 Bolts Welding Required: No The Sparco Steering Wheel Quick release allows speedy one-step removal of your steering wheel for faster and safer exit from the car in an emergency. The Tuning, Bolt-on style features the standard 6-bolt steering wheel bolt-circle (compatible with Sparco and Momo Wheels) and a matching 6-bolt base that can be bolted to your favorite steering wheel hub adapter. The CNC-milled aluminum spline connection creates a zero-play interface, making this is the finest professional steering wheel quick release available. Kit includes all mounting hardware to install the quick release to the steering wheel.