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Since its inception in 1977, the Sparco brand has become a market leader in the racing world.  Founded by racing drivers, the Sparco brand revolves around two key components - safety and style.  No products are developed/delivered without respecting these components.  In 2009, Sparco acquired a main shareholder whose primary focus was pushing product innovation.  This is particularly evident in Sparco's line of racesuits. True to their roots, classic Italian style prevails throughout the line.  Sparco racesuits are priced for every racer's budget - from the Sparco One SFI 3.2A/1 to the innovative Extrema RS-10, implementing Sparco's patented Hocotex technology.  This was a game changer. Hocotex technology uses super thin, multi layering of fabric creating extreme fire protection, breathability, and class leading comfort. Sparco perfected comfort by developing products "onto drivers" - literally fitting the driver while in the seated position in order to gain the perfect fit. Redesigning the racesuit (the Superleggera ERGO FIA 8856-2000) by doing the unthinkable - relocating the frontal zipper to the shoulders eliminating bulky fabric - resulted in another facet of ingenuity and comfort. With innovation like that, the Sparco brand has become synonymous with top performance, reliability, and safety in car racing.

Sparco Prime LT Racing Suit
Sparco's Prime LT is a special edition suit made available for only the US market. Featuring the same suit material developed for the McLaren F1 team, the Prime LT is one of the lightest FIA-approved racing suits in the world.
Sparco Eagle 2.0 Racing Suit
Sparco is continuously on top of their game when it comes to race wear updates, especially with the new Eagle 2.0. This updated version of the single-layer Eagle RS-8.2 comes in new color combinations and is FIA 8856-2018 certified for fashion and function.