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OMP's auto racing gloves are renowned for their quality and the meticulous attention to detail that is constantly challenged by setting higher standards. OMP's research and development division is considered to be the most advanced in the industry. Their auto racing gloves are engineered, developed, and tested to achieve the highest level of safety, quality, and design. From OMP's Sport OS 60 Auto Racing Glove to their professional grade racing glove, OMP One Evo Race Glove, built in performance features are there - precurved finger design and external seam construction to prevent pressure points and bunching when gripping the wheel. OMP's quality control standards are certified and rated by the most important sanctioning bodies such as FIA and SFI.

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OMP One Evo Race Glove
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OMP's One Evo Glove is the Best in the OMP Glove Line. The OMP One Evo is a professional-grade racing glove developed with leading F1 drivers featuring three different materials, each strategically placed for the ultimate in grip.
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Closeout OMP First Evo Race Glove
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Lightweight with style and most importantly, grip. The OMP First Evo Racing Glove has the super grip Silicone-Rubber palm for grip without bulk. Strategic leather inserts are placed on the fingertips for improved steering inputs while still giving you the near no glove feel. Professional, light, grip,and looks- the OMP First Evo is your glove.  
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Closeout OMP Sport OS60 Gloves
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OMP Sport Offers the OS 60 Auto Racing Gloves That Bring Value, Style, and Performance. This is the classic style auto racing glove that features leather palm inserts and classic styling with SFI and FIA approval. 
OMP Sport OS60 Gloves
Freshly redesigned, OMP Sport continues to offer the OS60 auto racing gloves that bring value, style, and performance. This modern auto racing glove features extensive silicone for maximum grip on any wheel, along with modern styling with SFI and FIA approval. 
OMP First Evo FIA 8856-2018 Race Glove
Freshly redesigned, the OMP First Evo Racing Glove take a great-mid-level glove and adds features typically reserved for flagship models. The new OMP First Evo glove features silicone printing on the palm and fingers for fantastic grip with just the right amount of slide allowance, as well as external seams to keep you comfortable during the longest stints.
OMP Tecnica FIA 8856-2018 Race Glove
The OMP Tecnica Glove is designed for incredible comfort and performance. Featuring suede leather inserts on the palms and silicone printing on the fingers for the perfect mixture of grip, and sporting the latest FIA 8856-2018 rating, the Tecnica glove is race-ready.
OMP Dijon Race Glove
The Best Vintage Style Auto Racing Glove. Period correct in looks but design forward to modern comfort & grip. Perfect for classic and historic drivers, the OMP Dijon race glove is professional, light, with great grip, and with the perfect look. The OMP Dijon is your best vintage glove. 
OMP Tazio Vintage Driving Glove
The best vintage driving glove, the OMP Tazio has classic looks but modern materials for incredible grip. Perfect if you are on the way to your next car show, swap meet, or to meet up with friends who appreciate the sound of a carburated engine. The OMP Tazio is your best historic style open fingered driving glove.